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After 7 Years And 1000's Of Interactions With Gay Men, Big Gay Family Social Program Offers A Proven Formula That Replaces Relationship Challenges With Excitement, Adventure And Passion. You Will Never Go Back To The Old Way Of Meeting Gay Men.

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Big Gay Family offers a proven 3-step process that guarantees long-term friendships and relationships! --Paul Angelo

Eliminate All Dating Frustrations And Disappointments

Experience drama-free, friendly and welcoming space for
life-long gay friendships and relationships.

  • Meet Relationship-Ready Men

    Meet gay men who are available for frequent phone conversations. Experience human interactions the old-fashioned way without Grindr, Craigslist or texting.

  • No Time Waste

    Avoid spending 100’s of hours talking to men who are not interested in meeting. Spend time connecting instead of talking for months and ending up nowhere.

  • Be Yourself

    Be yourself without trying to fit into the stereotypes about sex and beauty. Eliminate insecurities and stress from having to become someone else to be liked or loved.

  • No Rejections & Frustrations

    Enjoy a family-like dating process that removes anxieties, frustrations and rejections. Experience emotional connections that flow naturally week after week.

  • Meet Honest Men

    Meet gay men who are open to genuine sharing and interactions without hidden sexual agendas, fantasies and games that invite dishonesty, judgments and rejection.

  • No Toxic Friendships

    Meet men who are guided by integrity to honesty and authenticity. Move beyond toxic friendships and experience genuine connections without hidden agendas.

Remove obstacles to deep connections. Join gay professionals for outdoor Adventures, Retreats and Expeditions and build deep bonds that last a lifetime.

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Experience A Family-Style Social Program

In my life, the best friendships and relationships came out of experiences of learning and growth.  Those friends and romantic partners who are still in my life came from the space of a spiritual, mental and emotional transformation.  With Big Gay Family, I would like to offer the same to you, so that you create friendships and relationships that last a life-time and transcend the burdens of today's chaotic world.

Connect Deeply Inside An Adventure

Deep connections between men happen during outdoor adventures that include physical activity, team-work and lots of sharing.  You will make your new friendships and relationships last a life-time by creating memories of adventure, excitement and sharing.

Remove All Obstacles To Relationships

Big Gay Family Social Program gives you video-based courses to remove insecurities, fear and doubt. You get consistent monthly introductions to gay professionals.  You get access to group events in the mountains of Colorado for deep connections and team-work.  You will experience relationships without interruptions, delays and frustrations.

Gay Matchmaking Since 2010. Over 8,000 Hours Of Experience.

Paul's methodology made a big difference.
- John 

I recommend Paul's services to everyone.
- Omar

Paul will help you save lots of time.
- Frank

Education is critical for gay relationships.
- Duane

Relationships are about body/mind/emotions.
- Eric

Discover The Secret Recipe That Makes Big Gay Family The Ultimate Gay Matchmaking Program For Life-long Friendships And Relationships...

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