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The Vision Of The Program

The vision statement helps us align towards a better future for everyone.  Please review this vision statement and notice how you feel as you are reading it.

  • The Vision

    The vision of Big Gay Family is to create a space where social virtues of love, unity and togetherness are promoted and defended.  We want everyone who joins the program to experience loving and caring interactions so that all fears and doubts related to romantic relationships are resolved.

    We want everyone who is part of the program to aspire towards high achievement and success in their lives by removing distractions and negativity related to poor quality relationships.

  • The Big Problem

    In today’s world of materialism and consumerism, relationships have been objectified and devalued.  This is why establishing healthy connections is virtually impossible for most gay men.

    To make things worse, most gay men have never received any training that teaches them how relationships come together.  Entitlement and narcissism are dominating the gay culture producing wounding, abandonment and trauma.

    Most gay men enter into their adult life with a pessimistic and negative attitude towards love, making it very difficult to reverse the patterns of disfunctional relationships.

  • Why Important?

    Respect for the meaning of love and relatedness has been lost in popular gay culture and in mainstream society. Emotional connections, which are the foundations for long term relationships and marriages have been trivialized and rejected.  Gay men judge each other, they use each other and they hurt each other every day.

    Most gay men live with anxieties and depression related to poor quality interactions and psychological invalidation.  This weakens them and creates a long-lasting disempowerment that creates struggles with careers and poor mental health.

  • Methodology

    Big Gay Family promotes family values and protects everyone from those gay men who are not ready for healthy relationships.

    We give all members the knowledge, the practice and the support to address all issues related to relationship challenges.  We give them a plan, a strategy and the empowerment to pursue healthy and loving relationships that lead to marriages.

    We facilitate the process of introductions, learning and transformation so that every member graduates from the program having experienced the richest moments of their lives.