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Discover powerful strategies for stress-free dating and successful long-term relationships.

3-Step Dating Strategy

3-Stage dating strategy that simplifies dating and develops intimacy.

Leader & Participant

How to avoid 95% of the frustrations and mistakes during dating.

Where To Meet Men

Discover the best places to meet gay men for long-term relationships.

Trauma Cycle

How to avoid trauma-cycle in gay dating and relationships.

From Chaos To Order

How to align your social activities so that dating and relationships work.

Preventing Abuse

How to prevent abuse when you meet gay men for dating & relationships.

This Recipe Guarantees Relationships

(C1 + C2) x T = Love

It's not your fault you are single. Watch This free 45 Minute Advanced Training

You will never look at dating the same way after you watch this deep-dive training about trauma & gay life.

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