Your New Dating Strategy

Post-Pandemic Dating Needs A Different Strategy

The Benefits

No more frustrations with dating and connecting!

Convenient Access To Educated Gay Professionals

Meet high-quality gay professionals who are available now for dating.

Protection From Ghosting, Rejections And Judgments 

Avoid years of dating struggles, ghosting and disappointments.

Stress Free, Consistent Dating Without Frustrations

Get protection from toxic men and toxic dating situations.

Socially Responsible Dating Philosophy

Meet gay men in a community that promotes unity and caring.

Conversation Topics Suggested For Every Date

Get recommendations for every date so that you feel connected.

Protection From Insecurities, Mistakes & Self-Sabotage

Get protected from situations that sabotage your connection.

You will never go back to the old way of meeting men.

Dating inside Big Gay Family is guided by roles and stages.  Instead of being reactive and stressed, members follow a prescription for dating so that every step of the connection process is clear and consistent.   

First, both men are given a role: Leader & Participant.  Each role has specific responsibilities so that it is always clear about who contacts whom and what happens every time both men meet.  

Dating happens across three stages: Connection, Familiarity and Commitment.  Instead of categorizing and labeling each other, both men focus on the experience of talking, sharing and connecting.

Each stage brings both men closer and closer until it becomes self-evident they are friends or lovers.  

Your New Dating Strategy

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Stage 1: Connection

Build a powerful connection in the first 30 days of meeting each other.

Stage 2: Familiarity

Get to know each other's opinions about art, spirituality and music.

Stage 3: Commitment

Set up agreements so that all intentions are clear.


Review each other every 30 days to promote sharing and closeness.


Each person has ownership of the dating process.

Social Coherence

Align your dating strategy with best practices.

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