Big Gay Family 2022 

Commitment Based
Gay Social Program

Tutorial For BGF Members!

Create The Best Relationships Of Your Life Inside A Private Gay Social Program

Dear Friends,

Welcome To Big Gay Family Social Program, 2022 Edition.

Welcome to the latest edition of the Big Gay Family Social Program. After years of improvements, the 2022 Edition of the Program offers a state-of-the-art social experience that gives you an accelerated way of creating friendships and relationships.

The 2022 Edition of Big Gay Family offers an Automated Enrollment process, a 4-Stage social pathway, and a futuristic Social Dashboard for communication. 

Included are countless new upgrades and tools that make your time with Big Gay Family a true social adventure.

With a click of a button, you can invite him to join your Social Family or Social Unit. With a single click, you can send an apology or a dinner invitation. In 10 minutes, you can create a Social Contract and find out if he is marriage material.  

Instead of meeting Free Agents and exposing yourself to Trauma, inside Big Gay Family, you meet men inside a private and protected social space. You meet men who are emotionally available and willing to spend the time and effort to get to know you.

The World Has Changed. Avoid The Trauma-Cycle!

The last 10 years of the hookup culture set into motion toxic patterns that condition gay men to hurt each other.  This is called the Trauma Cycle

Once abused, gay men act out the abuse on others, hurting them in the process and perpetuating the Trauma Cycle.

This is why the social space in the gay world is getting more toxic every day.   Today, more than ever, you must protect yourself from emotional trauma so that when you meet the right person, you are ready to settle down. 

Get Protection from
Emotional Trauma.

Inside Big Gay Family 
you are protected from:

Narcissism & lack of empathy.
Unfinished conversations.
Absence of apologies.
Ghosting and no-shows.
Delays to meet & talk.
Absence of logic & reason.
Combative personalities.
Closeted men.

Social Positioning - Are You A Community Man Or A Free Agent?

Social Positioning determines how easy it is for you to meet gay men and connect with them for long-term relationships.  You can become a Free Agent or a Community Man.

A Free Agent is a man who lives outside the community and is desperate for love because he has no emotional support and is always needy, emotionally deprived, and often sexually deprived.

His relationships never work because he wants everything from one person.  He is never fully satisfied because he negates the value of group belonging from which his emotional fulfillment comes.

A Community Man is surrounded by others and has so much emotional support that he is never desperate and his relationships are stable and long-lasting.

Becoming a Community Man is your greatest predictor for success with dating, love and building a family.

Benefits of becoming a Community Man:
Group belonging
Emotional stability
Emotional fulfillment
Longer friendships
Group celebrations
Active social life

Building Your Teams - Your Social Family & Social Unit

Inside Big Gay Family, you are building two teams - your Social Family and your Social Unit.  Social Family is about love, emotions, and sexuality.   Social Unit is about utility, mentorship and collaboration.

Building Your Social Family.
Your Emotional Home.

Members of your Social Family are gay men with whom you are going to interact regularly, spend holidays with and celebrate birthdays. 

These are men who offer emotional validation and a mutual value system. In the case of a husband or a lover, you will enjoy sexual attraction and a strong emotional connection. 

In the case of a friend, activity partner, or traveling companion, you will share memories and activities that enrich your personal lives.

Inside Big Gay Family, you welcome all emotional connections and build a group of six men who offer a respectful and loving social experience. In the process of building your Social Family, you practice openness, flexibility, and loving presence.  

As a result, you fall in love multiple times and develop emotional connections that lead to lifelong relationships.

Benefits Of Social Family: