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Client Stories & Testimonials

Since starting coaching and matchmaking in 2010, Paul has worked with 1,000's of gay men.  Below you can watch the men who volunteered to "go on camera" and share their stories.


Meet educated men without games and frustrations!

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Alec, 38 old: I reached to Paul because I was not happy…

Andrew, 49 old: Paul's ideas about relationships and dating are unique and revolutionary.

Ron, 46 old: Harvard scientist speaks about coaching with Paul.

Jeff, 51 old: I needed additional advice besides therapy...

David, 63 old: How Gay-Aversion Therapy Ruins Lives & How Coaching Restored It.

Since joining the program I am a different person. Most of the anxieties and struggles with dating are gone. My mind is fresh and I am motivated to work harder.  I haven't seen this level of genuine and honest communication since the 1990's - before the Internet. This program is really awesome.

Mark, New York

Big Gay Family is a perfect substitute to gay bars, online dating and short term relationships.  I have been looking for this type of service for years.

Today, I am not on any websites, I don’t meet men at bars and I no longer have to worry about friends and lovers. Big Gay Family gives me introductions every month and I can finally relax and focus on my career and business.

Steve, New York

I joined Big Gay Family because I was tired of the games and rejections and disrespect from online dating websites and meeting shallow people.  

Big Gay Family protects me from men who are not ready for a relationship and who are not mature enough for commitment.  I am very pleased with the services offered by Big Gay Family Social Program.

Jim, Miami

After my breakup, I was really skeptical about relationships. Meeting people has become so frustrating that I gave up on dating and relationships.

Then I found out about this program and after a few days of hesitation I joined.  It has been the most fascinating experience of my life. I am finally where I need to be and already feel my heart opening up again.

James, Miami

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