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After my breakup, I was really skeptical about relationships. Meeting people has become so frustrating that I gave up on dating and relationships.

Then I found out about this program and after a few days of hesitation I joined.  It has been the most fascinating experience of my life. I am finally where I need to be and already feel my heart opening up again.

James, Miami

Since joining the program I am a different person. Most of the anxieties and struggles with dating are gone. My mind is fresh and I am motivated to work harder.  I haven't seen this level of genuine and honest communication since the 1990's - before the Internet. This program is really awesome.

Mark, New York
  • Meet Relationship-Ready Men

    Meet gay men who are available for frequent phone conversations. Experience human interactions the old-fashioned way without Grindr, Craigslist or texting.

  • No Time Waste

    Avoid spending 100’s of hours talking to men who are not interested in meeting. Spend time connecting instead of talking for months and ending up nowhere.

  • Be Yourself

    Be yourself without trying to fit into the stereotypes about sex and beauty. Eliminate insecurities and stress from having to become someone else to be liked or loved.

  • No Rejections & Frustrations

    Enjoy a family-like dating process that removes anxieties, frustrations and rejections. Experience emotional connections that flow naturally week after week.

  • Meet Honest Men

    Meet gay men who are open to genuine sharing and interactions without hidden sexual agendas, fantasies and games that invite dishonesty, judgments and rejection.

  • No Toxic Friendships

    Meet men who are guided by integrity to honesty and authenticity. Move beyond toxic friendships and experience genuine connections without hidden agendas.

Unique and special!

Jeff, Chicago

Big Gay Family is amazing!

Jack, Miami

Great adventure for the mind and spirit!

George, New York

At the beginning I thought that having conversations prior to meeting was a waste of time.  Today, after several introductions, I understand why Paul designed the program this way.  Slowing down the process of getting to know others is a good way to build trust and open up the emotions.

Tom, London

Meet Paul And Frank

Since the beginning, our relationship was the biggest catalyst for positive changes in our lives.  Good relationships open doors to new possibilities unlike anything else. This is why we are commited to making this program work for you.

Paul & Frank

Summit of Mount Massive, Sept 2017.


Big Gay Family Social Program started in 2010 in Miami by Paul Angelo. Today available in most cities. After 8 years and 1000's of hours of experience, Big Gay Family offers a unique process to help all members meet their future husbands, best friends and activity partners.


Most dating services today are run by corporations who care very little about gay men. This is why most online dating services don't work.

Big Gay Family Social Program works because it is designed by a gay man who has been in relationships for most of his life and who has 1,000's of hours of coaching experience. We use psychology and social innovation to help you connect faster, easier and for life.

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Your information will not be shared.