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Sexuality Workshop With Paul Angelo

About The Facilitator

Paul Angelo MHA, MBA

Paul is the founder of the Big Gay Family Social Program, which offers 12 months of interactions inside a private gay community. 

To help members connect, Big Gay Family offers Team Building, Leadership Roles, Exercises & Agreements.

With over 1,000 videos, Paul holds the world record for the highest number of videos about gay sexuality and the gay psychology of dating & relationships.

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Sexuality Workshop
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About The Workshop

The workshop is an open and in-depth conversation about all aspects of gay sexuality, ranging from the straightforward to the complex.

You will learn to view sex not just as physical pleasure but as a way to get to know yourself.  Sex can serve as the mirror for your deepest secrets.

You will be introduced to frameworks for achieving the "best sex ever." You will learn to understand your sexual pathways: from trigger (image) to fantasy (scene) to arousal (erection) to acting out (search for sex).

I will guide you through the "timeline exercise," designed to assist you at moments of intense arousal, when you might lose control and find yourself seeking sexual encounters for extended periods. This exercise will immediately help to diminish your arousal energy—and it's not about taking a cold shower.

Moreover, you will gain insights into the nature of sexual arousal. Sexual arousal can be triggered by anger, stress, and hurt—recognizing this will fundamentally alter your viewpoints on sex.

If you experience fetishes, kinks, and unusual desires, it's important to understand that these often stem from imbalances caused by trauma, hurt, abuse, or pain.  Such experiences are commonplace in the gay community, making it crucial to address these issues to prevent trauma bonding.

Additional Topics:

How To Turn Sexual Energy Into Personal Transformation

How To Create Long-Term Monogamous Relationships

How to Overcome Body Image Issues & Body Insecurities

Escape Self-Devaluation Through Sex Via Grindr 

BDSM, Kink, Poppers, Toys, Fisting.

How Sex Distracts You From Achieving Your Goals 

How Emotional Deprivation Increases Your Desire For Sex

How To Have Sex When You Love Another Man

Understand 7 Games Gay Men Play With Sex

How To Have Sex That Connects You To Your Lover 

And How Sexual Choices Change With Age

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