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Friends - I am looking forward to our time together.  Paul

About Paul Angelo

Paul is the founder of the Big Gay Family Social Program, which offers 12 months of structured interactions inside a private gay community. 

To help members connect, Big Gay Family offers Social Pathways, Roles, Committees & Social Contracts.

With over 1,000 videos, Paul holds the world record for the highest number of videos about gay sexuality and the gay psychology of dating & relationships.

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Don't Let Sex Prevent You From Meeting Your Husband And Falling In Love.  Register For A Free Gay Sexuality Workshop On Zoom.

Sexuality Workshop
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Topics Suggested:

How To Turn Sexual Energy Into Personal Transformation

How To Create Long-Term Monogamous Relationships

How to Overcome Body Image Issues & Body Insecurities

Escape Self-Devaluation Through Sex Via Grindr & Hookup Platforms

Avoid Common Obstacles To Sexual Health: BDSM, Kink, Poppers, Toys, Fisting.

How Sex Distracts You From Achieving Your Goals & Personal Vision

How Emotional Deprivation Increases Your Desire For Sex

How To Have Sex When You Love Another Man

Understand 7 Games Gay Men Play With Sex

How To Have Sex That Connects You To Your Lover & Feels Great Emotionally

How Sexual Completion Works And How Sexual Choices Change With Age

Learn About The Psychology Of Commitment & Open Gay Relationships

Big Gay Family

GAY Social Program