What Levels Of Dignity & Respect Are You
Allowing To Happen In Your Life?

Hookup Websites

Grindr, Tindr,
Scruff, Growlr




Big Gay

Treated Like
An Object

Abandoned Conversations

Narcissism & Psychopathy

Delays And Avoidance

Treated Like
An Animal

Judgment And Criticism

Difficulty Relating

Lies & Deception

Treated Like A
Human Being

Authentic Intention To Connect

Many Hours Of Interaction

Emotional Connection

Connect For Life™

Remove All Obstacles To Healthy Relationships Via Social Innovation

  • Monthly Introductions

    Every member receives 1-2 introductions per month.  Every introduction leads to a series of guided conversations.  The main goal of each introduction is to ensure the following:

  • Conversation Templates

    You get conversation templates as guides during interactions.  They help you open up, share and connect deeply without negativity and rejections.  You choose from 3 conversation styles:

  • Social Rating System

    Create the ultimate social experience by meeting men who match your social rating.  Earn a reputation as a form of social insurance and protection.  Benefits of positive rating include:

Gay Life Mastery™ Video Courses

Get $1,500 Worth Of Training. Learn Best Practices From World's Experts.

  • Science Of Compatibility

    Meet compatible men who are ready for healthy relationships.  Create a relationship that lasts forever. Master the nine dimensions of compatibility and the psychological states that activate compatibility in gay relationships.

  • Gay Sexuality

    Discover how to remove sexual habits from destroying your relationships and how to have the best sex ever.  You also learn about the sexual completion process and how to achieve true sexual compatibility with your lover.

  • Psychology Of Dating

    Every interaction, every date and stage of connection will lead to success when you empower yourself with best practices that are work universally for all men.  Discover psychological, strategic and spiritual mindsets that create long-term relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Change Your Life With Big Gay Family Social Program

  • Q.Can I upgrade and change packages?

    A.Yes, you can change your packages on a monthly basis without any additional fees.

  • Q.Who are the members of the program?

    A.Our members are gay professionals: lawyers, consultants, executives, educators, health professionals and others.

  • Q.How does the refund policy work?

    A.You can ask for a refund within 30 days of enrollment.  We offer a hassle-free refund policy for all members.

  • Q.Do you offer guarantees of results?

    A.Yes, within a few months of enrollment, most members connect for new friendships, relationships and activity partners.

  • Q.How long is my membership?

    A.Your membership duration varies from member to member.  You can stay or cancel any time without any fees or restrictions.

  • Q.How is Big Gay Family different from other matchmaking services?

    A.Big Gay Family is a program that comes with introductions, video-training and coaching.  You connect with gay men for life-long relationships instead of “hit and run” hookups.