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We believe that the purpose of being gay is to beautify the world with brilliant ideas.  Gay men are powerful beyond measure and can live the lives of their dreams.

The problem is that they haven't received proper support and guidance about how to reach their full potential and remove the challenges related to emotional connections, sexuality and bonding.

Our Core Values:

  • Relationship Centered Life

    We believe that relationships are the most important part of everyone’s life.  When we have strong relationships, we succeed faster and feel happier. When we have poor quality relationships we suffer with depression and anxieties.

  • Emotional Connections

    We believe that emotion is the center of all stable relationships. Trust, bonding and commitment happen when men have a strong emotional connection, not sexual.  Emotional connections give us depth and validation for our deepest desires. When emotional connections are strong, we feel alive and well.

  • Education

    We believe in education as the biggest source of leverage in relationships and in life.  To succeed in long term relationships will require learning about emotional intelligence, compatibility, sexuality and many areas of psychology.  With education, we can identify relationship-ready men, protect ourselves from deception and focus on men who are mature enough for stable relationships.

  • Transformation

    We believe that personal transformation is essential to maintain healthy relationships and life.  In a fast changing world we need to be able to change our habits, upgrade our minds and constantly reinvent ourselves inside relationships and with careers.  The requirement for growth and personal mastery is no longer optional for those men who seek an all-around success in their lives.

  • Leadership

    We believe that the healthiest mindset for success in all areas of life is leadership.  Instead of waiting for others to solve our problems, we volunteer to become the solution. Instead of playing the role of a victim, we become the creators of our futures.  This is the only way to guarantee success, love and happiness in a world that is increasingly demanding.

Our Beliefs About Being Gay

#1: Gay men have a significant advantage in life because there is no separation of gender in gay relationships.

This means that the challenges in gay relationships come mostly from the influences of heterosexual norms into gay life and the absence of a strong support system.

#2: Singularity is a moment in a gay man’s life when his interactions with other gay men are no longer negatively affected by shame, sexual games and heterosexual norms.

When heterosexual norms are rejected and sexual issues are resolved, a gay man experiences Singularity - he falls in love with being gay and finds pleasure in all interactions with other gay men.

#3: Attraction expands in proportion to healthy emotional interactions with other gay men.  Attraction is not static.  Any gay man can build a strong reciprocal attraction with other gay men, regardless of body type, age and looks.

Frozen attraction, which is difficult to reciprocate inside a healthy relationship comes from sexual shame and lack of consistent and emotional sharing with other gay men.

#4: Gay Sexuality that produces commitment and monogamy relies on the completion of the Sexual Developmental Stage and the verbal expression of sexual impulses.  Every gay man can experience full sexual satisfaction when he achieves completion of his sexual development.

Suppressed sexual impulses often lead gay men into dysfunctional relationships.  When sexual impulses are acknowledged and openly shared with other gay men, sexuality becomes a vehicle for intimacy and connectivity instead of a tool for power-play and compensation for weak masculinity.

#5: The purpose of being gay is to beautify the world with ideas.  Gay men offer a possibility to solve complex problems that heterosexuals cannot solve.

Nature has produced gay men through evolutionary pathways that enable humanity to reach the new potential.  All gay men are lucky to be part of a historical shift in human development unprecedented since the beginning of mankind.