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  • Structure Vs. Chaos!

    Inside Big Gay Family, all members use Structured Interactions to connect with each other.  This means that instead of random interactions, our members follow a step-by-step process that ensures mistakes are avoided and positive experiences are created.

    Inside Big Gay Family, you get access to advanced tools for building trust, developing intimacy and longevity.  Our communication and conflict resolution tools ensure longevity of most introductions.  This is how we ensure that the majority of all Introductions last beyond 6 months.

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  • What is Big Gay Family Social Program?

    Big Gay Family Social Program started in Miami in 2010 as a gay matchmaking service. Since then, Big Gay Family evolved into a professionally managed 12-month social program with 100’s of members.

    Big Gay Family offers monthly introductions, video training, and personal coaching for all members.  To help members connect, Big Gay Family offers a 4-stage process: 

    Bridge,  Extensions, Social Contracts, Arrangements. 

    Each stage builds on the previous one, helping men connect to each other without mistakes, judgments & self-sabotage.

  • What is different about Big Gay Family?

    Big Gay Family goes beyond matchmaking and coaching and focuses on the psychological requirements for a human connection.  

    Inside Big Gay Family, you go through 4 Stages to help you connect with our members:  Bridge, Extensions, Social Contracts and Arrangements.  These stages mirror the Human Process for a strong and long-term connection.

    By the time you reach the Arrangements, you feel deeply connected, you seek commitment and monogamy.  Your job is to reach Arrangements with as many men as possible.

  • How can Big Gay Family help me?

    Big Gay Family gives you everything you need to meet gay men and to connect with them for long-term relationships.   Compared to other services that only give you coaching or matchmaking – with Big Gay Family you get it all in one place: matchmaking, coaching, video training and the methodology to connect to our members.

    90% of Introductions inside the program continue beyond 6 months.  The main reason for such a high percentage of connections is the design of the introduction process, which is different (structured interactions) than everything else you have done before.

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  • How do I request a new introduction?

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  • When do Introductions go out?

    Introductions go out on Fridays after 5 PM EST. If you are interested in new introductions, please click here:

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