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We do relationships differently

The traditional method of meeting men and connecting with them is broken, so we came up with our own.  Instead of meeting strangers and hooking up, we offer a more upscale and positive experience of meeting, connecting and bonding for life-long relationships.

Meeting strangers and hooking up (old)

Most online dating websites promote the state of sexual arousal as a primary method for meeting men. This may work for teenagers who are experimenting with sexuality, but for men in their 40's and 50's who seek stability and marriage this perspective leads to years of frustrations!

Connecting through relatedness (new)

Big Gay Family offers a unique process that combines introductions, education and transformation to help gay men connect for long term relationships.  Our introduction process promotes healthy connections through conversations, bonding and building trust.

Impact on mental health

Authentic relationships are the secret medicine for depression, anxieties and life's biggest struggles.  Every major challenge in anyone's life is directly or indirectly connected to an abusive or disfunctional relationship.

Food, sex and drug addictions are also strongly correlated with loneliness or toxic social environments.

Impact on career & achievement

Virtually all gay men today are not reaching their full potential in their careers because they spend most of their prime years emotionally deprived and demotivated to fight for their dreams.

In today's world, it is no longer possible to drag our feet in relationships and have enough energy to sustain the requirements for stability and success.

How our method works

Big Gay Family helps gay men legitimize their pursuits of relationships.  Instead of looking at relationships as an experiment we teach the strategies and mental models that are required for long-term relationships and marriages.

Inside the program you get

  • Social Protection

    Get protected from men who are not suitable for healthy socializing: narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths.  This alone will stop most of the frustrations during socializing.

  • Focus On Emotional Connections

    Without emotional connection, trust and long term bonding are impossible. What makes humans want to be with each other is the authentic emotional connection, not sex.

  • Productive Socializing

    Productive socializing is about keeping the relationships you create because they are build on emotions and authenticity instead of sexual arousal and immediate gratification.

  • Rebuilding Confidence In Love

    Inside the program, you get positive and loving experiences that help you see the goodness in other gay men and help you rebuild confidence in your ability to attract the ideal lover.

  • Stopping The Emotional Bleeding

    Before someone is ready for love, they need to stop the emotional bleeding from past negative relationships and create a clean slate. This is why coaching is included in membership.

  • Time Cycle For Mastery

    Cycles of growth and learning take many months.  To install the new ideas and to practice them, we recommend at least 1 year of participation in the program.

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Here's what our students /clients are saying

Please watch the stories about self-discovery and personal transformation.

We teach you everything

Most matchmaking services focus only on introductions and neglect to address skill development.  This never solves the original reasons for relationship struggles and the problem comes back again with greater intensity.

To succeed in relationships you need to learn and practice the "full stack" — six interconnected layers of competency built on top of each other.

All six layers are explained below...

We facilitate your introductions

You are not going to be left alone.  We help you with each introduction inside the program. This means that every step of the process is well organized and designed to help you connect authentically and without negativity.

You build your social family

During your 1-year membership you receive 24 introductions so that you build your Social Family of 6 men. Your work will be to develop strong connections with as many as possible.  Realistically, 6 out of 24 men will become your best friends, activity partners and lovers.

6 Layers For Gay Relationship Mastery

All of this is covered inside your membership

  • Identity & Self Esteem

    Healthy relationships require a strong identity & self-esteem.  Without those, we enter into co-dependent relationships that result in breakups.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional intelligence is the #1 factor in maintaining long term relationships. Without it, creating a trusting connection is impossible.

  • Sexual Completion

    Sexuality is the main reason why gay relationships fail. You will learn how sex works and how to create sexual compatibility with anyone.

  • Dating Strategy

    Having clarity about your ideal lover, his qualities and personality will help you connect to him during dating.

  • Communication Frameworks

    Good communication skills are critical for creating emotional connections and conflict resolution.

  • Gay Compatibility

    Successful relationships are always the outcome of a strong compatibility that goes beyond sex and appearance.

Transformation Inside The Program

Advanced tools for breaking through fear and avoidance

This program is designed to stimulate a psychological transformation. Most people are "observers" of life instead of participants.  The transformational model inside Big Gay Family helps you enter into life and break through the membranes of self-doubt and avoidance.

  • 1. Confrontation

    Easy access to a variety of men in the program will expose you to many situations that will contradict your “sense of social reality”.

    Instead of walking away, you will have a chance to work through those situations by confronting the men and staying in the space of conflict until it is resolved.

  • 2. Breakdown

    At moments when you’d normally walk away – you stay and confront your triggers, your insecurities and emotional bubbles of confusion.

    You will not be alone during this time.  You get the tools, worksheets and guidance during this transformational process.

  • 3. Breakthrough

    Once the emotional bubbles of confusion surface up you experience a transformation – a release of psychic tension.  You will look at the world differently and situations that would normally trip you up – no longer bother you.

  • 4. Freedom

    The outcome of your transformation in the program is the sensation of being free, happy, able to love, able to take risks and succeed, to be able to flow with life without feeling insecure, holding back and doubting yourself.

It is recommended to have between 10-15 confrontations inside the program for best results!

We will teach you the Non-Violent Communication Framework inside the program.

Even More Reasons To Join Big Gay Family

Relationships as the backbone for life's success!

  • Feeling Happy

    Most members who join the program experience an emotional boost within the first round of introductions.  After experiencing the process, they often are surprised how good it feels to have healthy and meaningful interactions with other gay men.

  • Peace Of Mind

    The sensation of being understood and validated inside the Connect For Life introduction process gives members a peace of mind for the first time in their lives.  Using a scientific approach produces a deep level of relief of social anxiety and tension.

  • Feeling Stronger

    When you are emotionally validated and mentally understood by other gay men, you naturally feel stronger and you are able to stop procrastination, avoidance and delays of important projects in your life.

  • Healthier Lifestyle

    Self-love is the beginning of a healthy lifestyle.  But in today’s hyper-sexual and shaming gay social settings gay men receive messages that contradict healthy and wholesome qualities of life.

Relationship Retreat

Practice makes perfect!

Big Gay Family is often compared to a 1 year relationship retreat that gives everyone the opportunity to master the skills necessary to succeed in relationships for the rest of your life.