Big Gay Family

Commitment Based
Gay Social Program

Meditation #9

Week 9

Meditation 9: Light, Sound & Breath


From Paul Angelo:

Thank you for being part of Big Gay Family.  

Your involvement in the Program matters.  With each Introduction, you are co-creating a new Social Experience where gay men come together in a creative and futuristic way.

With Principles & Structure, we bring order to dating and relationships so that everyone succeeds. 

Enjoy this Meditation!
Paul Angelo

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Meditation Program work?

This course includes 12 guided meditations sent to you every week for 12 weeks.  These meditations include visualizations, relaxation, and powerful healing protocols. I have done them all and I do them all the time.  With these meditations, I relax fast and I return myself back to peace & clarity.  All meditations come from my teacher Ina Lee who introduced me to advanced teachings via visualizations and metaphors that empower the mind.  

Please find a comfortable and quiet place, turn off all devices and noises and listen to the guided meditations once a week.  After a few weeks you will feel more peaceful and many anxieties and stressful moments will dissolve.

What are the benefits of regular meditation?

There has been a lot of research about how meditation helps with stress, fear and anxieties. The more you meditate, the more calmer and relaxed you feel.  With each meditation you will notice greater self-awareness and empowerment.  Many complex mental health issues such as emotional eating and sleep problems can potentially resolve after regular practice of meditation.

Big Gay Family

Commitment Based
Gay Social Program