Big Gay Family

Commitment Based
Gay Social Program

Social Extension #4


Neuroscience of healing & transformation


From Paul Angelo:

Thank you for being part of Big Gay Family.  

Your involvement in the Program matters.  With each Introduction, you are co-creating a new Social Experience where gay men come together in a creative and futuristic way.

With Principles & Structure, we bring order to dating and relationships so that everyone succeeds. 

Enjoy this Extension!
Paul Angelo

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Extensions?

Social Extensions offer a more adventurous way to get to know other members of the program.  At this time, we have 14 Social Extensions - giving you 14 months of interactions. By using Extensions you go deeper into each other's lives with more sharing and more depth.

How do Extensions work?

Each Extension comes with a 3rd party resource that each person is asked to read / watch / listen to.  Topics covered in the resource become part of a discussion spanning 30 Days.  The Leader activates the Extension.  Once active, the Leader is responsible for completing the Extension.

Big Gay Family

Commitment Based
Gay Social Program