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Social Extension #23


Stayin' Alive, Daddy Cool, Is This Love


From Paul Angelo:

Thank you for being part of Big Gay Family.  

Your involvement in the Program matters.  With each Introduction, you are co-creating a new Social Experience where gay men come together in a creative and futuristic way.

With Principles & Structure, we bring order to dating and relationships so that everyone succeeds. 

Enjoy this Extension!
Paul Angelo

Paul Angelo MHA, MBA

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Extensions?

Social Extensions offer a more adventurous way to get to know other members of the program.  By using Extensions you go deeper into each other's lives with more sharing and more depth.

How do Extensions work?

Each Extension comes with a 3rd party resource that each person is asked to read / watch / listen to.  Topics covered in the resource become part of a discussion spanning 30 Days.  The Leader activates the Extension.  Once active, the Leader is responsible for completing the Extension.

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