Big Gay Family 2022

Social Program

BGF2021-Accept Social Contract

Truth Always Wins

Social Contract ID: 60795
Created By: Paul Angelo
Created on: 11/09/2021

Duration: 30 Days
Number Of Interactions: 3
Number Of Behaviors: 5 Behaviors

Weekday Availability:

  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Time Of Day:

  • Evening

Phone Call Protocol:

  • Prefer Scheduled Phone Calls

Texting Protocol:

  • Minimal use of Text (short & concise)

Email Protocol:

  • Both


Topics To Avoid:

  • Politics
  • Sex
  • Money
  • Age
  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Vaccines
  • Transexuality

When Conflict Happens:

  • We will not walk away during tense moments.
  • We will not be afraid of different opinions.
  • We will not be cowards who run from each other.
  • We give each other a chance to fix the issue.
  • We understand the need to solve our issues.

Preventing Abandonment:

  • We stay until the end of the contract no matter what.
  • We do not disappear without clear disclosure.
  • We offer clear description of internal resistance.

Preventing Rejection:

  • We recognize each other’s value as a human being.
  • We accept each other’s presence as valuable.
  • We don’t reject each other because of feelings.
  • We don’t reject each other because of appearance.
  • We don’t reject each other because of mistakes.

Preventing Emotionalism:

  • We focus on the process, not emotions.
  • Our emotions are not tools of accurate discernment.
  • Our emotions may come from wounded self.
  • We will not let emotions sabotage our friendship.


Requested Behaviors:

  • We will use NVC framework for communication.
  • You will be willing to hear me out for at least an hour.
  • You will accept my opinions as valid and important.
  • We will not be afraid to find out the truth.
  • You will confess to all past wrongdoings.


I Will:

  • I will follow the process as agreed.
  • I will tell you the truth even if difficult.
  • I will give you room for mistakes.
  • I will give you another chance.
  • I will tell you if something is wrong.
  • I will offer solutions instead of focus on issues.
  • I will be emotionally available.
  • I will treat you with respect and dignity.
  • I will bring loving presence to our interactions.

I Will Not:

  • I will not walk away for silly reasons.
  • I will not be triggered and walk away.
  • I will not judge your looks.
  • I will not turn you into a sex object.
  • I will not blame you for my mistakes.
  • I will not reduce you to sexual fantasies.
  • I will not be reactive to my emotions.
  • I will not play games or manipulate you.


I am excited to discuss with you how to be truthful and authentic and how to communicate without fear. Thank you for being willing to join me on this journey of self-discovery. See you in the Contract!


Big Gay Family 2022

Social Program