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Learning about gay relationships offers the highest rate of return in terms of happiness, love and abundance.  There is no other area of study that offers you so much in return as you get when you master relationships.

Most gay men approach relationships randomly and they get random results.

When you become more strategic and intentional about your love life, everything changes.  You meet better quality men, you connect with them easily and everything flows naturally, as you always expected. 

Love, marriage and family life are available for every gay man who dares to begin his journey of self-discovery. 

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Paul Angelo

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Your Perfect Husband

Your relationship begins in your mind long before you meet your Perfect Lover.  You will need to clarify his 21 socio-demographics traits, you will need to align those traits towards a legitimate Value Exchange and then create a Relationship Narrative.  

Inside the training,  you get exercises to clarify the traits of your Perfect Husband so that you are productive in your relationship pursuits by focusing exclusively on the men you want to meet instead of spending time with everyone and going nowhere. 

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Your Dating Sequence

Your first dates are the birth or death of a possible love affair, long-term relationship or marriage.  Those men who come prepared and have a strategy have a 90% higher chance of success than those who rely on serendipity and luck.

Successful dating starts with the understanding of human psychology and how emotional connections work.  This is how you go from dating nightmares into dating victories. And with this course you get step-by-step frameworks and best-practices that turn your dating into relationships.

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Gay Compatibility Formula

Gay Compatibility Formula teaches you how to look for men who are compatible with your psychology and life’s journey so that you ensure long-term commitment and marriage.

Understanding gay compatibility is the fastest way to make a marriage work and avoid frustrations in gay relationships. Without compatibility, most relationships struggle to take off and result in breakups. Discovering the traits of your compatible partner is the first step in creating long-term relationships that turn into a marriage.

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Gay Relationship Mindsets

You will learn how to think like a relationship guru.  You will discover the Power Mindsets that guarantee success in gay relationships.  

They include: Leadership Mindsets, Psychological Mindsets, Spiritual Mindsets, Sexual Mindsets and Strategy Mindsets. This course will help you break through disempowerment and install a spirit of clarity, direction and confidence.

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Sex On Rocks

Imagine what would happen to your love life if SEX never stood in the way of connecting to men?  Imagine how much longer your relationships would last if you knew how to understand your sexual impulses and talk about them with your lover.

Don't be that guy who lets SEX ISSUES destroy good relationships.  Instead, discover how to have the best sex of your life without hurting your relationship.

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