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Please use the form below to schedule your coaching sessions.  All times are EST (NYC, Miami) based. 


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Please share with us an update about your life, relationships and current events.

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Please fill out the coaching feedback form after our call to ensure growth and steady progress.

FAQ - Coaching Questions

How many coaching sessions do I get?

The VIP Package gives you 2 coaching sessions per month.  Any unused coaching sessions are not transferable.  Please set up coaching sessions using our booking system and make sure to take advantage of 2 calls each month.

How often are coaching sessions?

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Do I prepare for a coaching session?

Yes, we ask that you submit the Session Agenda form to let us know what is going on in your life and what is happening in the Big Gay Family program.

What is Small Group Coaching?

Small Group Coaching is one of the most effective coaching designs for transformation.  While 1-on-1 sessions are for deeper dives,  the witnessing of other people talk produces fast validation and is therefore more successful for gay men who most often are emotionally deprived.  Small group coaching allows for the learning and grounding to take place simultaneously.

How do you share coaching feedback?

To share coaching feedback, please use the Session Feedback forms provided.

Big Gay Family 2022

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Session Agenda

Session Agenda

Please share with us an update about your life, relationships and current issues to discuss during our call.


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