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Connect to members of Big Gay Family by sharing a description of your life's important events.

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Monthly Citizen Report offers a monthly check-in about your program's participation,  curriculum progress and the status of your introductions.

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You get five courses with your BGF membership. Your login information was sent to your email when you signed up.  Click below to access your courses.

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Your Extended Profile

Your First 3 Calls are called The Bridge.  This is the beginning of your friendship / relationship.  The first impressions, the first sound of your voice, the first words you speak to each other will happen on The Bridge.

Inside the Introduction email you will notice the guidelines for the Bridge so that you experience a wholesome beginning for everyone you meet inside Big Gay Family.

Standby Account Status

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What Is "Good Standing"

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What is the Return Policy?

We are happy to offer you access to our platform for 14 calendar days so that you can see how it works and if you are unhappy for any reason please click below and request a return: 

Requesting Return

All return requests must be received before the end of the 14th calendar day or prior to the first Introduction, whichever comes sooner.  We do not offer returns once the Introduction is sent.

Big Gay Family 2022

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Welcome To Your Extended Profile (EP)

Your Extended Profile is a shortcut to intimacy. By sharing with others about your life's journey - you give them a doorway into your world - helping them connect with you.

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