Session #1 – His Body Traits


In this session, you will clarify the body traits of your ideal lover and divide them into three categories: must-have traits, bonus traits and deal-breakers. You will become aware of your attraction so that you connect to a wider range of men as opposed to keeping you focused on body traits that are RARE to find.

You will define your future husband’s physical traits so that you can train your mind to focus on the type of man you want to meet instead of everyone who passes you by.

When you divide your physical traits into three categories you will become more flexible in your physical evaluations of your dates and lovers. This way, you don’t let trivial preferences sabotage a possible lifelong relationship and marriage.

To start, imagine your perfect husband. What does he look like?  What about his body is important to you?  What parts about his body and looks gives you pleasure when you look at him?  What gives you arousal?

Please use the workbook below to guide you in this process.  First you make a list of the body features that are important to you and then you categorize them according to:

  1. Core traits,
  2. Bonus trait,
  3. Deal breakers.

Please click on the workbook below when you are finished with the video.