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Gay Social Program

Join Our Community & Meet Gay Men Differently!

Meet men in a private program that offers monthly introductions and a dating strategy so that you create the best relationships of your life.

Get monthly Introductions
Meet kind & loving gay men
Enjoy stress-free dating
Big Gay Family Social Program 2023

Taste The most meaningful  dating experience you will ever have

Upgrade your dating experience with Art, Music & History!

Say goodbye to boring dates and shallow conversations.  Big Gay Family's Social Curriculum includes a selection of movies that you watch and discuss together during dating so that you feel a deeper connection that includes intimacy, emotions and intellectual conversations. 

Art - Picasso
Art - Vincent Van Gogh
History - Eternal Egypt
History - Ancient Greece
Nonduality - The Spiral
Music - Stayin' Alive
Music - Bohemian Rhapsody

Connect Faster Based On World-Class Communication Frameworks From Bestselling Authors & Teachers

Create The Best Relationships Of Your Life!

Inside BGF, you get powerful tools for communication so that every date and every experience leads to more intimacy and a stronger connection. 

NonViolent Communication
Winning With People

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

Coretta Scott King

Meet Quality Gay Men!

Members of Big Gay Family are educated gay professionals seeking meaningful connections. Our members are looking for monogamous relationships. 

Create Life-Long Connections

When you meet gay men inside Big Gay Family, you go through three dating stages. Each stage brings you closer together until you become friends & lovers.

CFC Dating Strategy

Say Goodbye To Loneliness & Pessimism

By joining us, you can say goodbye to pessimism and loneliness, and you can avoid exposure to toxic and narcissistic men that may trigger addictions, anxieties and trauma.

You are worth it to join a private community, rather than taking risks on hookup apps, possibly causing loss of purpose & passion in your life. In some cases, a gay man can lose the ability to focus on his career and health, as a result of a toxic dating experience.

Just one amazing new friend or a loving connection can make a huge impact on how you feel every day. Inside BGF, you have access to more than 12 of those connections. Imagine how different you will feel about your life, your future and your new possibilities!

Avoid Self-Sabotage!

When you meet gay men inside BGF, every step of the dating process is guided to prevent dating mistakes, fear of intimacy and self-sabotage!

Don't Miss Out On Life!

The world of gay dating and relationships can offer a thrilling, yet perilous adventure. Beneath the surface of apps like Grindr, Scruff, and Adam4Adam, there exists a darker, often silenced reality. This reality sees an alarming number of gay men caught in a destructive cycle of sex addiction, substance abuse, and alcoholism, often leading to a point where recovery seems like a distant dream.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Adm