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About Big Gay Family Social Program

The program is a direct response to the frustrations during dating and meeting men.

Grindr, okCupid, and other services do not protect you from men who are operating from their "wounded selves" and who don't really know how to communicate, how to date, how to treat you with respect.

Also, many men who participate in online dating are closeted, bi-sexual, on the "down-low" and who only treat you as a sex object. To them, you are an object, not a real person. They negate romanticism, sensibility and the delicate nature of an authentic human communication.

Good quality friendships and relationships need to be grown inside a genuine and open environment, which is impossible when a man is uncomfortable inside his own identity and expects you to hide your feelings because he is uncomfortable with sharing and openness.

Today, more than ever, you need a safe, protected and loving container for friendships and relationships. Distancing yourself from the toxic experiences of gay dating is the first step in re-building your life so that you can spend your energies on your new possibilities instead of on the emotional drama(s) of dating.