Big Gay Family

Commitment Based
Gay Social Program

Get Mastery Level Training About A Dating Strategy That Creates Lifelong Relationships

Discover my never-before-shared strategy for creating the best relationships of your life.  Avoid years of frustrations and meet amazing men!

Our Dating Strategy Prevents Mistakes And Protects You From Ghosting & Rejections!

Our dating strategy guarantees 100% 3rd dates.
Majority of members continue together beyond 6 months.
Every month, you get over 10 hours of intimate talk-time.


How long is the membership?

Membership is 12 months.  You receive 2 introductions every month.

How do you match people?

We match members based on their level of maturity, emotional intelligence, and experience with relationships.  We also use age, education, personality type, and location.

How many men will I meet?

You meet two men every month which is up to 24 men over the course of a one-year of membership.  You can adjust how many men you meet by pausing introductions at any time and resuming them later. 

Is matchmaking included?

Big Gay Family includes matchmaking and so much more.  Big Gay Family started as a matchmaking service in 2010 in Miami and evolved into a sophisticated social program that combines matchmaking with accountability and commitment-based dating strategy. 

Who are BGF members?

Big Gay Family attracts high-quality gay professionals who value intelligence, communication, and openness.   Our members are educated men who are interested in learning about each other and in building strong and trusting relationships with each other.

What is The CFC Dating Strategy?

After 12 years of coaching and matchmaking, we developed a powerful dating strategy that creates long-term relationships for our members. We believe that “It is not your fault for being single”, but instead it is the fault of the dating platforms for enabling abuse and neglecting to provide a pathway for healthy relationships.

The CFC Dating Strategy is a dating protocol that prevents 90% of all mistakes and guides gay men through the most important moments of relationship creation. Instead of a random approach, we promote an intentional approach that includes spirituality and mindfulness.

When our members follow the CFC Dating Strategy, they are guided step-by-step on how to connect to another man without mistakes and rejections.

The CFC Dating Strategy offers specific recommendations for the entire dating process by dividing all dating activities into three stages: Connection, Familiarity, and Commitment. By dividing dating into stages, everyone is clear about what to do in each stage and is less likely to make mistakes.

All relationships are built out of commitments. This is why the CFC Dating Strategy culminates in the Commitment Stage. During the Commitment Stage, members of Big Gay Family use Agreements that bring intentionality and specificity to the direction of the relationship.

This is how each person voices his preferences about sexuality, communication, emotion, monogamy, spirituality, and conflict resolution. With the use of Agreements, members of Big Gay Family achieve breakthroughs in how they build relationships and create lifelong connections.

The Gay World Has Changed!

The last 10 years of the hookup apps set into motion toxic patterns that condition gay men to hurt each other.  This is called the Trauma Cycle. 

Once ghosted or rejected, gay men act out the hurt on others, perpetuating the Trauma Cycle.

This is why the social space in the gay world is getting more difficult every day.   Today, more than ever, you must protect yourself from emotional abuse so that when you meet the right person, you are ready to settle down. 

Get Protection from
Abuse & Rejections.

Inside Big Gay Family 
you are protected from:

Narcissism & hit-and-runs.
Unfinished conversations.
Ghosting and no-shows.
Delays to meet & talk.
Substance abuse.

Tired Of Being Single?

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Big Gay Family

Commitment Based
Gay Social Program

Get Monthly Introductions
Meet High-Quality Men
Join A Community
Our dating strategy guarantees 100% 3rd dates.
Majority of members continue together beyond 6 months.
Every month, you get over 10 hours of intimate talk-time.