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Commitment Based
Gay Social Program

Get Monthly Introductions Inside A Private Gay Community And Create Relationships That Last A Lifetime!

You don't have feel alone and anxious about dating.  Create the best relationships of your life inside a private gay social program.  Meet & connect with high-quality gay men without ghosting, delays and rejections.

How The Program Works

Inside Big Gay Family, you get monthly introductions to gay men.  Those introductions are guided by a commitment based dating process.  When you use our dating methodology, you avoid mistakes, rejections, ghosting and self-sabotage.  90% of our introductions last beyond 3 months.   

You get monthly Introductions
You meet men without any obstacles
You Feel connected the authentic way


Welcome to the latest edition of the Big Gay Family Social Program. After many years of improvements, the 2022 Edition of the Program offers a state-of-the-art social experience that gives you an accelerated way of creating friendships and relationships.  Please read this page to discover how the program can help you create the best relationships of your life.   See you in the program,

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Testimonial From Sept 2, 2022

Stopping Ghosting & Rejections

Learn about how Big Gay Family protects you from abuse.

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Is Big Gay Family a matchmaking service?

Big Gay Family includes matchmaking and so much more.  Big Gay Family started as a matchmaking service in 2010 in Miami and evolved into a sophisticated social program that combines matchmaking with commitment-based dating methodology.  

We discovered that the matchmaking model for relationships is only effective in a society where everyone has supportive parents, many friends and the only thing missing is a lover.  Today, most gay men do not have supportive parents and they have very few friends, so the matchmaking model for relationships no longer works

Big Gay Family offers monthly introductions differently than a typical matchmaking service.  Big Gay Family focuses on the <