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How the program works

Big Gay Family started in 2010 and since then was updated every year.  The current version of the program has been updated in April 2019 with new courses, improved introduction process and enrollment upgrades.

  • What is Big Gay Family?

    Big Gay Family is a one year relationship program that helps you build your social family. It gives you monthly introductions, one-on-one coaching and advanced relationship training.

  • Who is it for?

    Big Gay Family is for educated gay professionals who are looking for a more upscale social experience and who no longer want feel disrespected or rejected.

  • How does it work?

    You receive monthly introductions, video training and coaching to make you ready for a serious long term relationship and marriage.

  • When does it start?

    Big Gay Family enrollment is open several times a year. To enroll, please click on the enrollment button and follow the steps.

  • Why does it exist?

    Most dating services are “entertainment” based services.  Big Gay Family gives gay men the real answer for relationship transformation that includes introductions, training and support.

  • How different is it?

    The program protects you from rejections, judgments and negativity by promoting family values and an authentic social experience. Many clients say that after a few months in the program they feel like they are part of a big family.

Why join?

You get a comprehensive solution to your relationship needs.  Instead of extending relationship struggles for many years, you get world-class courses that show you how to succeed in relationships for the rest of your life.

During your membership, you get easy access to gay professionals for 10-20 hours of interactions every month, making the program the only place in the world where you practice what you learn and experience a real transformation.

Once you join the program, you no longer have to go to the bars, spend hours on hookup websites and get anxious about the "dating scene".  Inside the social program you get easy access to gay professionals and you get a pleasant dating experience.

How Enrollment Works

3 Steps To Enroll With Big Gay Family

  • Step 1: Create Your Free Profile

    Create a free profile to be used for introductions inside the program.

  • Step 2: Watch Enrollment Videos

    Get free training about how to succeed with gay relationships.

  • Step 3: Build Your Membership

    Choose membership options that fit your budget.

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How The Program Works

Build Relationships That Last

  • Step 1: Introductions

    Get monthly introductions to professional and educated gay men who are looking for healthy and authentic relationships.

  • Step 2: Video Training

    Get courses to understand human complexity inside relationships.  Discover powerful frameworks for compatibility, sexuality & bonding.

  • Step 3: Coaching

    Get expert coaching and save years of mistakes.  Get support to stay on track with best practices for dating, relationships and marriage.

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How Introductions Work Inside Big Gay Family

Avoid Years Of Frustrations & Rejections!

  • Meet Relationship-Ready Men

    Meet gay men who are available for frequent phone conversations. Experience human interactions the old-fashioned way without Grindr, Craigslist or texting.

  • No Time Waste

    Avoid spending 100’s of hours talking to men who are not interested in meeting. Spend time connecting instead of talking for months and ending up nowhere.

  • Be Yourself

    Be yourself without trying to fit into the stereotypes about sex and beauty. Eliminate insecurities and stress from having to become someone else to be liked or loved.

  • No Rejections & Frustrations

    Enjoy a family-like dating process that removes anxieties, frustrations and rejections. Experience emotional connections that flow naturally week after week.

  • Meet Honest Men

    Meet gay men who are open to genuine sharing and interactions without hidden sexual agendas, fantasies and games that invite dishonesty, judgments and rejection.

  • No Toxic Friendships

    Meet men who are guided by integrity to honesty and authenticity. Move beyond toxic friendships and experience genuine connections without hidden agendas.

Stopping Relationship Games In Your Life

Avoid Years Of Frustrations & Rejections!

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Testimonials From Current Members

Raise Your Standards

Raise Your Standards

Join A Professionally Managed Social Program!

You can spend 10 years of your life experimenting with your relationships,
and still end up nowhere... or let Paul save you that time and hassle!

Big Gay Family Social Program gives you everything you need to meet your future lover and make new friends: access to amazing men, a new pathway for getting to know each other and world-class video training.  This is how we believe this program will work for you.  Just signup now and let the program give you everything you need to instantly get connected and never be alone again. Sign up today and you'll get ALL of Paul's best start-from-scratch, step-by-step relationship strategies so that you can meet your future husband, make lots of new friends and start enjoying your life again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Join A Professionally Managed Social Program!

What is Big Gay Family social program?

Big Gay Family Social Program is a private program for educated and sophisticated gay men who are looking for a respectful, authentic and safe social space to meet long-term friends and partners.  Big Gay Family is the outcome of scientific research into gay psychology and sociology conducted since 2010 by Paul Angelo inside matchmaking and coaching programs.


Each member creates his family-branch over the course of his membership that becomes his family and social-vehicle for deep, long-term friendships and romantic relationships.  Each member is guaranteed a real breakthrough in his experience of gay relationships and a significant reduction of stress related to toxic dating, frustrations and neglect.

How many men will I meet?

You will meet approximately 1-2 men every month for a range of 20-24 new men over the course of 1 year.  Some men will be local and some will live in other cities.  Your goal is to create your own “family” over the course of 1 year.  You will be guided step-by-step for how to do that with monthly state-of-the-art video training.

Who is the perfect member for Big Gay Family?

Ideal members are gay men who are looking for quality instead of quantity.  Ideal members have college education and value quality communication.  Ideal members are not afraid to pick up the phone and engage another in a dialog.  Ideal members understand that successful relationships are the result of self-improvement and practice.

What is the duration of the membership?

Membership(s) range from 6-months to 12-months.

Why is Big Gay Family different?

The difference lies in the scientific approach to friendships and relationships.   Psychology and sociology teaches us how friendships start, develop and grow.  When we use psychology to guide the introductions, all members experience depth and unity.


Chaos in today’s social space is the outcome of lack of consensus about principles of communication, cooperation and involvement.  No man can create a legitimate and honest relationship in today’s chaotic world of hookups, apps and poor quality communication.

How many men are part of the program?

Our monthly outreach program goes out to: 5,000 members from the Meetup groups, 16,000 members of Facebook page, 3,000 members of Facebook Group, 20,000 members for our monthly newsletter, 1,400 subscribed viewers on Youtube.


This is a total of 45,000 subscribed men who regularly receive our communication.  You are guaranteed to meet men who are professionals and who are open to getting to know you.

Trust and safety

Why do so many people “come and go” into our lives?  Why are we in a perpetual chase after new friends and lovers?  What if you could stop the chase and relax into a stable and sustainable relationship?


Life-long friendships and relationships require trust and safety.  Sex is rarely the substance for a deeper connection because sex does not produce safety and trust.  With sexuality, every man becomes an object to be used and then replaced with another object.  Trust and safety require honesty.  Because many men on dating websites are closeted, bisexual and in open relationships, honesty is avoided and sex is exaggerated.


Big Gay Family filters out all men who are dishonest to create a safe family-like environment of trust and cooperation so that you don’t have to worry about open relationships, married men, closeted men and sexual warriors (men who crave sex instead of a connection).

Gay Life Mastery coaching

Coaching helps you reconnect with your “Ideal Self” and share that version of you with other members.  Coaching aligns you with your ideals, goals and purpose. Participation with Big Gay Family members gives you a chance to practice being your Ideal Self and watch yourself grow.


Each package includes a monthly coaching session to inspire you to open your mind and heart to other members and to answer ongoing questions and concerns about issues related to sexuality, dating and compatibility.

Protection from dating nightmares

Poor communication (texting, Facebook) makes healthy dating impossible.  Dating today involves neglect, judgment, disrespect and abandonment.  It is impossible to create a space of safety and trust inside neglect and abandonment.  This is why most of your experiences today lead to disappointment and frustrations.


Big Gay Family eliminates all frustrations with proper selection of members and regular support and guidance to avoid conflicts and to facilitate cooperation.

Protection from sociopaths and psychopaths

Did you ever experience a realization that the person you just spent three months with is totally ambivalent about your feelings and safety?


Sociopaths and psychopaths are amongst all of us, masking themselves with charisma and sexual appeal.  They are the “lone wolfs” who victimize even the smartest of us.


Community belonging is a proven strategy to guarantee absence of toxic personalities because they could never survive inside an authentic and participatory environment.

Emotional availability for love and friendship

Emotional availability is not easy to find. Most gay men today don’t understand that emotion is the glue for a real connection.   The harsh dating scene makes vulnerability and disclosure impossible because everyone expects perfection.


Today, most gay men live with a memory of a trauma, suffering and abandonment. Negative experiences from the past are real and not imagined. When a man is accepting, empathetic and compassionate, he does not judge or reject because he sees parts of him inside another person’s experience.


This is how we guarantee lots of friendships and relationships through the Big Gay Family program. It all starts with emotional availability first.

100% acceptance regardless of body type, looks or age.

Big Gay Family is about full acceptance instead of rigid and artificial sexual innuendos from Hollywood, consumerism or sexism.  You are not an object any more that someone can throw away.


When you are part of the program, you meet lots of new men and you quickly realize the transformational qualities of acceptance.  When others accept you, you accept yourself on a deeper level.  Your anxieties diminish, your inner-worth goes up, your self-esteem goes up and your life changes for the better.


Most men who are part of the program experience a quick boost of strength. The men who are self-employed experience more motivation to do the difficult tasks, they take on the projects they avoided and they reconnect with their dreams.

Social experience that pulls you up

What would your life be like if your social experiences were pulling you up to new opportunities, new adventures and positive changes in your life?


Where would you be in 6 months if you regularly interacted with professional, ambitious gay men under the leadership of professional coaches?


Imagine the new possibilities that currently are blocked by the waste of time and the toxicity of most interactions.  You can be and have more in your life when you no longer have to worry about being alone or being single.

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