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Meet Growth Oriented Gay Men!

Join other gay men on the journey of achievement & growth!

Meet Gay Achievers. Stop Procrastination & Distractions. Complete Your Goals. Start New Habits. 

Stop procrastination, avoiding and delaying.  Join a gay achievement group & complete the goals that take your health, life and income to the next level. 

According to the Theory of Constraints - everyone has a Point Of Leverage for exponential growth.  The Point Of Leverage is often a habit that radically increases results and produces positive changes.  Sometimes it is getting up at 5 AM and leading with a powerful morning routine.  Sometimes it is quitting cannabis or going to bed early.  Everyone has an opportunity to improve his life drastically by discovering the Point Of Leverage and focusing on the habit that restores momentum.

Where is your Point Of Leverage?


Imagine where you could be in your life if you were motivated to show up as your best self?  Imagine how much happier you'd be if you could complete your goals and upgrade your habits regularly?  Imagine what is possible when you are stronger,  more confident and faster in your goal completions.  

This is all possible when you are part of a group of gay men who help each other achieve their biggest dreams.  It is time to look beyond sex and see each other as friends and brothers as we reach new levels of performance in life.

See you in the group,
Paul Angelo


Thank you!

Only $25 per hour for group coaching!

Get the motivation and support so that you accomplish your most difficult tasks and feel good about yourself!  Accomplish 10X more with group support and accountability than you have ever accomplished on your own!

Bi-Weekly GroupX Membership - 2 Meetings Each Month On Saturday!


Per Month

Bi-Weekly group coaching sessions with gay men to help you achieve your goals, stop procrastination, stop avoidance, and escape fear-based life.  

Whether you want to lose weight, start a business, stop common addictions, meet a loverstop procrastination,  overcome fear, or learn a new skill this group helps you do that.

Without support, we cannot overcome our biggest obstacles.  The group experience is the most important ingredient in creating momentum, getting unstuck, and embracing change.

After 3 months, you get assigned to another member for accountability and support.

Get access to professional high-performance coaching sessions at a discounted rate of $25 per hour.  Most high-performance coaches cost $250 per hr.

2 hr Group Coaching Sessions
Twice A Month On Saturday
Only $25 per hour
7 High Performance Visualizations
12 Week Self Esteem Course
12 Week Meditation Course
Printable Journal Pages
Printable Achievement Affirmations
Gay Mindset For Success Training
Weekly Sunday Reminders

6 Month Intensive - 12 Private Coaching Sessions Twice A Month For Faster Transformation


One Payment

Everything from the Monthly Group Sessions plus the following:

Deeper dive into high-performance and achievement training for gay men who are ready for massive results now and are willing to step outside their comfort zone without looking back.

We meet twice a month on a private call and you get step-by-step guidance about how to take your life to the next level. 

This 6-month intensive program teaches you the best achievement and habit-forming techniques from the best teachers in the world so that you understand the science of change, momentum and adaptation.  

To qualify for this training, you must be "coachable" and willing to stay accountable to a weekly accountability schedule.  You must be willing to feel physical pain and anxiety as we progress from one week to the next.  

You get the support every step of the way from a professional coach who has years of practice and will help you get unstuck at moments of confusion, anxiety and panick.  This is why we use the 7 High Performance Visualizations to prepare you for the stress of change.  Those moments are critical to sustain the growth towards the new "YOU" and the installation of new habits.  It will hurt and burn on the inside, but you will love the results and the new outcomes.

Group coaching sessions are included.  If you cannot attend the group coaching sessions, the 6-month Intensive is your biggest opportunity to take your life to the Next Level.  

12 Private Calls
Twice A Month
Weekly Accountability Report
24-7 Email Support
7 High Performance Visualizations
12 Week Self Esteem Course
12 Week Meditation Course
Printable Journal Pages
Printable Achievement Affirmations
Gay Mindset For Success Training
Weekly Sunday Reminders


What is GroupX?

GroupX is an achievement group for gay men who want to live on purpose, complete their goals and take their life to the next level.  Every gay man has a chance to improve his habits, to stop distractions, to end addictions and to bring more intention to his daily life.  This group is designed to motivate you to get on a personal development journey of self improvement and greater ability to achieve goals in life.

Who is Paul Angelo?

Paul Angelo MHA, MBA is a gay relationship coach working with men who are looking for long-term relationships and marriage. By 2022, Paul has spent over 12,000 hours coaching and guiding his clients in the areas of gay dating and relationships. 

 With over 80 video testimonials and over 500 publicly available videos about gay psychology, Paul is the world’s leader in education about the psychology of romantic relationships and gay sexuality. Paul is the creator of multiple video-based coaching programs about gay compatibility, gay psychology, and gay sexuality: Your Perfect Husband, Your Perfect Dating Sequence, Gay Compatibility Formula, Sex On Rocks, and Gay Relationship Mindsets. 

 Paul’s contribution to the world of gay psychology includes the development of a brand new philosophy for relationships and a brand-new framework for gay sexuality that simplifies dating and creates commitment and monogamy. 

 Paul is the creator of a popular gay social program called Big Gay Family that changes the way gay men meet and creates relationships that start with emotional connection instead of sexual. All men are welcome to join Big Gay Family and experience a paradigm shift in personal friendships and relationships.

How does it work?

You get access to bi-weekly group sessions on Saturday where we discuss your habits, goals and opportunities for improvement.  We share stories, we motivate each other and we learn strategies for self-improvement.   Instead of doing this by yourself, you are guided by a professional coach and you get the support of other gay men who are also willing to grow and learn. 

What is the methodology?

You will learn from world-class authors about high performance, achievement, and the psychology of change.  Included are "High-Performance Habits",  "Atomic Habits",  "Six Pillars Of Self Esteem", "Mindful Self Discipline", "Taking Responsibility".   In addition to these resources, you will learn the visualizations that help deal with the anxieties of change and goal completion.  You will also get 12-week training on self-esteem and meditation and you will get printable journal pages for daily journaling.

Accomplishing your goals is about change.  Change causes anxieties.   To sustain through anxieties you need to desensitize the mind so that you have a friendly relationship with your anxiety, stress, and panic.  It is absolutely guaranteed that you will feel pain and burn as a result of internal resistance to new habits and new behaviors (the unknown).  

The methodology used in GroupX training relates to dealing with anxieties that are part of change and transformation.  You are preparing yourself to deal with anxieties before they happen so that your relationship to the stress of change is a healthy and welcoming process instead of a fear and resistance process.

To accomplish that we use the 7 High-Performance Visualizations and we program them into your mind multiple times a week so that when anxieties do happen you enter into the "hypnosis" that those visualizations promote and you carry on despite fear and resistance.

We use the Door Of Anxiety visualization to become friends with anxiety.   You imagine the presence of the Door Of Anxiety at all times and you NORMALIZE the stress related to it so that it eventually becomes part of a normal routine.  

Anxieties have multiple dimensions at different levels of change.   The Circle of Focus visualization allows you to feel the anxieties related to "going back inside your consciousness" instead of looking outside of yourself.  

Nothing can be accomplished if a person is not focused, but focus in itself produces anxiety.  The Circle Of Focus visualization reveals to you the stress of being focused.  Distractions are coping mechanisms to deal with the anxiety of being focused.  The Circle Of Focus visualization prepares you to confront those anxieties up front and to normalize them.

The Burning Man visualization helps with the anxieties related to pleasure-seeking sensations that produce dopamine spikes, therefore, are very difficult to remove.  The feeling of fire and the sensation of burning is linked to the anxiety from quitting toxic habits related to chemical substances (food, alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis).   By feeling burning and fire you are normalizing the anxieties related to quitting the most cherished foods and substances.  This visualization produces similar effects to taking a cold shower even though the substance you are visualizing is fire instead of water.

The New You visualization helps dissolve anxieties related to letting go of the past and holding on to ex-lovers, people, and habits from the past.  This visualization relates to your identity and the anxieties about shifting from the past into the future.  This is my favorite visualization because it gives you the ability to move on, forgive, to receive completion with the past. 

The Tunnel Of Action is a visualization where you train yourself to cut off emotions and thoughts intentionally and engage in consistent action like a robot.  The reason why you can't get yourself to do things is because you are dragging feelings and thoughts with you.  When you release them (this mental gymnastics has to be learned) you are able to accomplish 10x more than before because you are no longer held back by thoughts and feelings. 

Who is it for?

It is for gay men who want a better quality life where you no longer wait and avoid the difficult tasks but instead you confront them and overcome them.  This group is for gay men who want to meet others who are on the path of change and transformation.   This group is for gay men who are willing to realize their full potential instead of falling behind on their promises and goals.

What happens after I join?

After you join, you will be asked to fill out an achievement questionnaire and you will get the links to the Zoom monthly group coaching sessions.  If you signed up for the 6-month intensive you will also schedule your first coaching call with Paul and begin coaching.

What happens 3 months after I join?

After 3 months, you get assigned to another person for team activities and for support.  You will have a chance to interact with each other outside of the group and create a connection based on a mutual desire to grow together.

What are the main benefits?

This group is about results training.   To go to the finish line of your goals. You learn how to get stronger, more disciplined, and more organized.  You learn how to live on purpose and how to complete your goals. You learn strategies for achievement, discipline, and self-improvement.  You get 7 High-Performance visualizations that prepare you for high performance and achievement in your life.  You get guidance from a professional coach who shows you step by step how to approach complicated goals and how to succeed despite challenges and setbacks.

What is the 6 Month Intensive?

The 6-month Intensive is a six month one-on-one coaching program with Paul Angelo.  You get private coaching calls twice a month where you get step-by-step guidance about completing your goals, quitting addictions, finding your leverage point and achieving a transformation in your life.  


Achievement Group
For Gay Men

Meet Gay Men Who Are Willing To Learn And Grow Towards Success.

This is a unique opportunity to join gay men who want to live a better quality life.  Most gay men have no support from our family and friends and very few of us have the training about goal completion, habit formation and the psychology of achievement.   Now you can learn from other gay men how to stand up for your goals and how to achieve them so that you live a life of intention, happiness and purpose.  

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