Which Is Better: Gay Matchmaking Or Big Gay Family Social Program

The popularity for gay matchmaking programs is declining due to their inability to help gay men address the real reasons for relationship difficulties. Gay social programs replace matchmaking by offering simultaneous introductions to multiple men.  Unlike gay matchmaking programs, Gay Social Programs allow gay men polish out their personalities and have enough practice to become proficient in dating and relationships.

The gay matchmaking programs that are run today by straight women are confusing and lack integrity. How can a heterosexual woman know the nuances of gay relationships? How can a heterosexual woman innovate and bring value to gay men?

Gay life includes complexities that are not present in heterosexual relationships. This is why gay men should seek services that incorporate the knowledge of gay life complexities and provide solutions.

For starters, unlike heterosexual men and women, gay men live in negative social environments, lack parental and social support when growing up and most often lack father’s closeness – all of which creates difficulty in developing into a mentally strong and sexually completed gay man.

Innovation into gay relationships will not come from heterosexual men or women and their services. The innovation can only come from within the community and with a thorough understanding of what the real problems are that prevent gay men from connecting with each other and creating lifelong relationships. That innovation has to take into account the dishonesty that is introduced by bisexual men and closeted men. The innovation has to include a psychologically healthy and sociologically proper set of steps that enable men to safely open up and connect with each other. And that will not come from any heterosexual woman that runs a matchmaking program for gay men – it can only come from a gay man who has gone deep and produced solutions that fit the real challenges most gay men face.

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Founder of the Big Gay Family Social Program.