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Don't Let Sex Prevent You From Meeting Your Husband And Falling In Love 

Discover A New Framework For Gay Sexuality

 That Paves The Way For Long-Lasting Love

Paul Angelo is the founder of and the author of 5 video training programs:

6-Week Training Program About Sex For Gay Men Who Want Long-Term Committed Relationships But Are Held Back By Body-Image Issues, Insecurities and Fear Of Sex!

This Video-Based Live Zoom Discussion Program Is Packed With New Ideas About Sex That Will Help You Meet Your Future Lover. 

How To Turn Sexual Energy Into Personal Transformation

Discover a powerful framework that turns your sexual energy into personal power & transformation.

How To Create Long-Term Monogamous Relationships

Learn about how to choose gay men who are ready for sexual and emotional monogamy.

How to Overcome Body Image Issues & Body Insecurities

Set yourself free from self imposed body-image issues and insecurities that prevent you from meeting men.

Escape Self-Devaluation Through Sex Via Grindr & Hookup Platforms

How to avoid becoming a sex object and turning yourself into a blow-up doll for someone else.

Avoid Common Obstacles To Sexual Health: BDSM, Kink, Poppers, Toys, Fisting.

Discover how to have healthy sex and remove negative conditioning by the gay culture.

How Sex Distracts You From Achieving Your Goals & Personal Vision

Learn how to prevent sex from becoming an obstacle to personal achievement and financial success.

How Emotional Deprivation Increases Your Desire For Sex

Learn about the link between emotional deprivation and sexual cravings.

How To Have Sex When You Love Another Man

How to have sex inside a loving relationships so that you keep your man forever.

Understand 7 Games Gay Men Play With Sex

How to avoid 7 Games gay men play with sex to resolve unconscious psychological issues.

How To Have Sex That Connects You To Your Lover & Feels Great Emotionally

Learn about how to have the kind of sex that feels great every time and creates a long-term connection.

How Sexual Completion Works And How Sexual Choices Change With Age

Discover how sexual preferences change over time with age and sexual experience.

Learn About The Psychology Of Commitment & Open Gay Relationships

Learn about the psychology of sexual commitment and open gay relationships.

About Paul Angelo MHA, MBA

About Paul Angelo, Your Group Training Facilitator

Since 2010, I have created over 1,200 videos about gay relationships, gay sex, and dating. I have also privately coached 100's gay men about love, sex, coming out, and how to meet gay men for monogamous relationships.  Many of my clients are currently married, in long-term relationships and actively dating.

In almost all cases, the biggest obstacles to long-term relationships have been issues related to sex, attraction, and choices for lovers. 

Most of the time, gay men are held back by beliefs about sex that are never validated and those beliefs become permanent roadblocks to the possibility of love and happiness.

Human sexuality is a private experience that often mirrors self-esteem, sense of self-worth, and self-perception. Because sex involves our bodies - we are also influenced by physiological and biological factors that complicate the understanding of sexuality.  

This is why, the biggest opportunity for a life transformation for any man, especially a gay man, is to learn about the best practices for sexual behavior that empower a man to choose sexual partners that become the extension of his values and principles for life and how to prevent risky sex and risky partners from entering his life.

This is why I created this course, to offer you a deeper dive into gay sexuality so that you never have to be a victim to your impulses and insecurities and instead to have the best sex of your life and use sexual energy to promote action and transformation of your life.

6-Week Program Overview - 90 Minute Weekly Discussions About Sex That Remove All Confusion And Fear Related To Sexual Choices, Sexual Compatibility & Love

Overcome all obstacles to love and long-term relationships related to sex.

Week 1: Understanding Sex, Grindr, Porn & Hookup Culture. 

Why is everyone having a lot of sex yet never having enough of it? Why are gay men searching for sexual compatibility, at the cost of long term relationships?

Week 2: Overcoming The Fear Of Intimacy & Commitment.

Why do many psychologists say that at the root of all issues related to gay sex are the fears of intimacy, commitment and emotional connection? 

Week 3: Psychology Of Sexual Behavior & Sexual Shame.

How does self-esteem, relationship with father, masculine identity, early sexual development influence your sexual preferences and behavior?

Week 4: Body Image Issues, Insecurities & Fear Of Sex.

How does body image issues, fear of rejection and sexual insecurities influence your choices of men and sexual preferences?

Week 5: Integrating Emotions, Intimacy, Spirituality & Sex.

How can you connect emotions, intimacy and sexuality so that you are able to love your man & create the best sexual experience on your life.

Week 6: Creating a Plan For The Best Relationship Of Your Life

How to have a plan for the best relationship of your life by combining everything we learned about sex with love and marriage.

 Included - 60 Min Coaching Private Session

During our private coaching session we go deeper into personal issues related to sex that could not be discussed in a group format and are too private to share on Zoom calls.

Included - Sex On Rocks Video Training

At the end of the 6 Week Course you get full access to a video training called "Sex On Rocks" including censored videos about sexuality recorded by Paul Angelo.

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This Video-Based Zoom Discussion Training Program Gives You The Sexual Recipe For Love 

This 6-Week course takes place every Saturday at 12 PM EST from February 5th Through March 12th

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Bonus #4: Sex On Rocks Vieo Course
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Featured Testimonials

Paul’s courses and coaching helped me fully understand my past relationship struggles.  He gave me a sense of confidence about my ability to develop a healthy gay relationship in the future.  


It’s really important that you get outside of your comfort zone.  You don’t need to tell everything about your life, but at least be willing to open up to people and share something about yourself. 


You will get access to high-quality men for dating and relationships.  You are guaranteed to meet someone you like out of more than 1,200 people.


This is my 4th time I have been to Paul’s group. I have found it to be quite helpful. The ways that I was looking for a relationship was not productive. I found this meeting to be very valuable.


I'll Teach You About The "Inner" World Of Sex So That You Can Meet Your Future Lover And Get Married

I will teach you about the Inner World of sex so that you understand where your sexual motivations come from and where your arousal comes from.  By studying the psychology of sexuality you are no longer going to be held hostage by powerful sexual motivations and triggers and instead you will be able to translate sexual energy into romantic desires and emotional connections.

Learn about the Inner-Game of sexual arousal.
Understand the role of sexual fantasy in brain development.
Understand the role of language in overcoming sexual shame.
Get out of toxic sexual cycles and toxic lovers.
Connect sex with love for a wholesome experience of relationships.

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Every gay man must do this level of training about sexuality to become rea