Big Gay Family 2021 


Meet Gay Men Differently

Meet men inside a private program that offers 12 months of structured interactions and step-by-step guidance so that you create the best relationships of your life.

Big Gay Family Social Program

Big Gay Family 2021 


Create The best relationships of your live inside the most innovative gay social program in the world.

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Welcome to the Big Gay Family Social Program.  Since 2010, we have coached and matched 1,000's of gay men.  

Compared to other services, that only offer coaching or matchmaking,  with Big Gay Family you get everything in one place:  a) coaching, b) matchmaking, c) video training and d) a system of governance (Roles & Committees).

You get everything you need to meet gay men in a creative way and experience meaningful relationships with them.

While everyone else still offers coaching or matchmaking, our platform is years ahead in terms of social engineering and technology.

You are guaranteed to go further in your relationships than ever before. This is the promise of social engineering and the promise of Social AI. 

See you in the Program,
Paul Angelo MHA, MBA.