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Big Gay Family Social Program 2023

You will love it!

It shows you the mistakes you are making and gives you the path to re-discover a new way of meeting and connecting with men!



Great combination of ideas that help you align your dating strategy so that you can meet the right men and connect with them.


Powerful Advice!

You will be able to undo years of sexual conditioning that traps you in unhealthy dating and relationships!


Buddhism For Sexuality!

The last lesson was amazing.  I felt empowered and inspired to continue learning and growing.  So grateful for these lessons!


Go Beyond Your FearStop Your Emotional Bleeding- 7 Principles For Gay Dating Success

Over the next seven days, you will receive a complimentary email course titled "Go Beyond Your Fear: 7 Principles for Dating Success." This course will help you connect with the right men without facing ghosting, rejections, and frustrations.

The course includes relevant topics about dating apps such as Grindr, Scruff, and Growlr. The course will help you navigate the dating scene while managing the apps' potential negative effects on your mind and emotions.

Your Course Outline:

Chapter 1:  Stop Your Emotional Bleeding.
>> Principle 1: Meet Relationship-Ready Men
>> Principle 2: Meet Men In A Community
>> Principle 3: Apply A Dating Strategy
Chapter 2: Go Deeper - Remove Your Resistence.
>> Principle 4: Avoid False Prophets & False Hope.
>> Principle 5: Accept Your Insecurities Without Fear.
>> Principle 6: Upgrade Your Sexual Beliefs.
Chapter 3: Remove The Ego.
>> Principle 7: Apply Buddhist Teachings.

Paul And Robert

About The Creator
Paul Angelo MHA, MBA

I’m Paul Angelo.  And for the past 12 years, I have worked closely with hundreds of gay men, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones and explore emotional and spiritual connections with others.

Many gay men that I have worked with are currently married, living together and happily coupled.

I created Big Gay Family to give you an alternative to the hookup apps and dating platforms so that you can experience authentic dating that leads to the best relationships of your life.

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