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Video #3: Confidence Framework For Long-Term Success

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Confidence Framework For Long-Term Success

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How To Connect For Trust

Discover how to connect for trust and long-term relationships with gay men.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Big Gay Family Social Program?

Big Gay Family started as a matchmaking service in Miami in 2010 and has since evolved into a comprehensive social program providing everything you need to meet relationship-ready men, create strong connections, and develop long-term relationships.

Unlike other services that focus on loneliness, we discovered that the real reason for relationship challenges in gay men is trauma-based. By addressing the root problem, we have created a successful dating methodology that keeps our members together for years. 

As an example, gay men in their 60s and 70s, who meet inside BGF, stay together for years, which is unheard of in popular culture where such groups are often written off as the most challenging.

It is very difficult to fail inside Big Gay Family, where you are given world-class methods that address the complexities of shame, trauma and shadow sexuality.  Without such methods, gay men experience years of toxic relationships and often go back to where they started: frustrated, single and lonely.

By joining Big Gay Family, you will experience a social transformation within just one year that would take 20 years to achieve without the program.

What is different about Big Gay Family?

Inside Big Gay Family, members receive a state-of-the-art dating methodology based on 10+ years of research into trauma, loneliness, and intimacy. All men who join Big Gay Family interact through a step-by-step dating system that guides them from first contact towards a trusting and authentic relationship.

Instead of a random approach, you follow three stages: Bridge, Extensions, & Agreements. Each stage is designed to deepen your connection, prevent mistakes, and cultivate a long-term perspective.

Psychologically speaking, when you meet gay men inside Big Gay Family, you are not treated like a sex object but instead, as a wholesome human being with emotions, intellect, and spirit. This is how our members feel uplifted and emotionally enriched after just a few months of membership.

How many men will I meet inside Big Gay Family?

When you join BGF,  you get 12 introductions per year.  These introductions are to gay men (not bisexual or closeted) who are single (not in open relationships).

Our members are relationship-ready, willing to learn, available to spend time and get to know you.  They are not alcoholics, drug addicts, narcissists or otherwise challenging personalities. 

Big Gay Family

COmmitment based
gay Social Program

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