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How To Date Like A Pro

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Spiritual Transformation

How to end the cycle of being single and meet men for long term relationships.

Frank's Success Story

You are guaranteed to meet someone you like out of more than 1,200 people.

Supplemental Training

Building Blocks For Gay Relationships

Your Attachment Style

Childhood Imprinting

Cultivating Positive Experience

From Paul Angelo:

Thank you for visiting Big Gay Family.  

Your involvement in the Program matters.  With each Introduction, you are co-creating a new Social Experience where gay men come together in a creative and futuristic way.

With Principles & Structure, we bring order to dating and relationships so that everyone succeeds. 

See you in the Program!
Paul Angelo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Big Gay Family Social Program?

Big Gay Family started in 2010 in Miami as a matchmaking service and since then evolved into a Social Program that gives you everything you need to meet men, create strong connections with them, and develop long-term relationships.

You get convenient access to men via monthly introductions.  You get the methods for how to connect with them via video courses.  You are also protected from situations that may result in hurt and trauma.   

By joining Big Gay Family you are accomplishing a social transformation in 1 year that would take 20 years to happen without the Program.

What is different about Big Gay Family?

Inside Big Gay Family,  gay men interact through a commitment-based dating system which includes three stages:  the Bridge, Extensions and Social Contracts.  

Instead of a random approach,  you go through three Stages.  Each stage is designed to guide your relationship from start to finish - from first contact to a committed relationship.  

How do gay men meet inside Big Gay Family?

Inside Big Gay Family, we go beyond matchmaking - we give you the dating process to create a very powerful connection.

Once you receive your introduction, you are guided by our dating system about what to talk about and how to connect faster.  

Who are Big Gay Family members?

Big Gay Family attracts gay men who value communication and openness.  Below is the list of professions inside Big Gay Family.

Our members are are:  Teachers, Nurses, Physicians, Realtors, Lawyers, Programmers, Managers, Business Owners, Coaches, Spiritual healers,  Reiki healers, Day-traders, Musicians, Engineers, Artists.

The best quality men for relationships are those who are not held back by intimacy issues.  Our members enjoy long conversations, lots of sharing and meeting new members every month. 

Why are relationships difficult today?

The world has changed radically over the past 10 years. Hookup apps have replaced long-held social norms and are accelerating the Trauma-Cycle

Today, gay men experience 100's of negative social cues every month including shaming, rejection, objectification, devaluation, disrespect, and ambivalence.  

Every hurt is acted out unconsciously as a method for self-awareness and as a process of healing. This is how everyone ends up hurting everyone else even though the initial intention is to love and to date.  

This Trauma Cycle is why relationships today are so difficult. No matter who you meet and how much you initially like each other, it's just a matter of one situation that creates a walk-away or loss of interest. 

Big Gay Family

COmmitment based
gay Social Program

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Building Block 2 of 3

Childhood Imprinting About Relationships

Compared to heterosexual men and women, gay men receive no support during childhood about how to meet and connect with other gay men.

Parents, siblings, friends and teachers are not involved in guiding gay men during first experiences of meeting gay friends, lovers, and sexual partners.

Gay men are left on their own to figure out how relationships work.  Lack of support and absence of role models is the main cause for relationship struggles for most gay men.


Building Block 1 of 3

Your Attachment Style For Relationships

Secure Style

I think most other people are well intentioned and trustworthy.
I find it relatively easy to get close to others.
I am comfortable relying on others.
I don’t worry much about being abandoned by others.

Avoidant Style

I tend to pull back when things don’t go well in a relationship.
I am somewhat skeptical about the idea of true love.
I have difficulty trusting my partner in a romantic relationship.
I get nervous if anyone gets too close emotionally.

Ambivalent Style

My friends and lovers have been somewhat unreliable.
I love my romantic partner but I worry he doesn’t love me.
I would like to be closer to my lover but I don’t trust him.
I feel often misunderstood and unappreciated in my relationships.

Building Block 3 of 3

Cultivating Positive Expectations

Leave The Past Behind

Change The Places Where You Meet Men.
Create A Clean Slate For Your Future Relationship.
Let Go Of Past Hurts And Disappointments.
Reconnect To Positive Expectations About Relationships.

Notice Your Survival Strategies

Notice what you do when a relationship challenge happens.

Become aware of strategies that trivialize the process of connecting to others.
Recognize the inner conflict between your survival strategies and your true needs.

Reframe Your Narrative

What meanings are creating your relationship reality?
Is your thinking about relationships positive or negative?
Can you become optimistic and positive about meeting gay men?
Reframe negative stories into positive.