Big Gay Family

Commitment Based
Gay Social Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Big Gay Family Social Program?

Big Gay Family (BGF) is a gay Social Program for gay men seeking friendships and relationships in a healthy and productive social space.   You get monthly introductions, step-by-step guidance for how to connect to our members, and protection from toxic situations that create hurt and disappointment. 

Instead of meeting strangers and having random interactions, you get a step-by-step process that creates movement of intimacy so that you feel closeness and intimacy.

What is different about Big Gay Family?

Compared with other social environments (apps, dating sites, social events), at Big Gay Family, we do not tolerate profanity or vulgarity.  Our Guiding Principles ensure that everyone you meet inside Big Gay Family offers a pleasant and respectful experience of sharing and bonding.

Big Gay Family gives you the structure that protects you from toxic situations so that you can be vulnerable and open with other men.  Instead of a random approach, inside Big Gay Family you get access to Social Pathways that have been carefully put together to help you create relationships from start to finish.  

Why are relationships difficult today?

The world has changed radically over the past 10 years. Hookup apps have replaced long-held social norms and are accelerating the Trauma-Cycle

Today, gay men experience 100's of negative social cues every month including shaming, rejection, objectification, devaluation, disrespect, and ambivalence.  

Every hurt is acted out unconsciously as a method for self-awareness and as a process of healing. This is how everyone ends up hurting everyone else even though the initial intention is to love and to date.  

This Trauma Cycle is why relationships today are so difficult. No matter who you meet and how much you initially like each other, it's just a matter of one situation that creates a walk-away or loss of interest. 

Big Gay Family

COmmitment based
gay Social Program