You can spend the next 10 years of your life experimenting with your relationships and still end up where you are today...

Big Gay Family Social Program gives you everything you need to meet your future lover and make new friends - access to men, step-by-step connection builder and world-class video training.

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You can spend the next 10 years of your life experimenting with your relationships and still end up where you are today...

Big Gay Family Social Program gives you everything you need to meet your future lover and make new friends: access to amazing men, a new pathway for getting to know each other and world-class video training.  This is how we believe this program will work for you.

Start today and you'll get ALL of Paul's best start-from-scratch, step-by-step relationship strategies so that you can meet your future husband, make lots of new friends and start enjoying your life again!

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Course #1

Your Perfect Husband

How to align your approach so that you meet your ideal husband, connect with him and create a long-lasting marriage.

Course Description:

9 Sessions + 14 Videos + Workbooks + Visualizations + Exercises

You don’t need to take 10-20 years of trial and error to find your Perfect Husband. You only need a few hours inside this training to discover who he is, where to meet him and how to connect with him.

Inside the training, you get exercises to clarify the traits of your Perfect Husband so that you focus exclusively on the men you want to meet instead of spending time with everyone and going nowhere.  A few hours of training saves you years of frustrations!

Why Important: 

Most gay men have never clarified the definition of their ideal lover so they don't know how to connect to him.  This course breaks down the definition of your lover into multiple sections:  body, demographics, his fears, his frustrations, his desires, his fantasies, value proposition.  And once you define those, you can create a congruent narrative about your future marriage.

Description Of Each Training Session:

Session 1: His Body Traits

In this session, you will clarify the body traits of your ideal lover and divide them into three categories: must-haves, bonus and deal-breakers. You will become aware of your attraction so that it helps you connect to a wider range of men as opposed to keeping you focused on body traits that are RARE to find.

You will define your future husband’s physical traits so that you can train your mind to focus on the type of man you want to meet instead of everyone who passes you by.

When you divide your physical traits into three categories you will become more flexible in your physical evaluations of your dates and lovers. This way, you don’t let trivial preferences sabotage a possible lifelong relationship and marriage.

Session 2: His Sociodemographic Traits

In this session you will define the sociodemographic traits of your ideal lover so that you can understand him as a person. This session helps you align your communication so that you can get his attention easily and so that you can relate to him better and get 2nd and 3rd dates.

Session 3: Alignment Towards Stability

In this session you will align your definition of your Perfect Husband towards stability. The alignment towards stability will help you reorient your choices for partners towards those who are stable and ready for serious relationships instead of those who are driven by sex and fun.

This is how the “TOGETHER FOREVER” becomes possible.  Marriage and serious relationships require stability for both partners, otherwise the conflicts and the tensions in the relationship will make it difficult to establish trust and authentic intimacy.


Session 4: Magical First Impressions

In this session you will learn about the power of Magical First Impressions.  Relationships exist exclusively in the domain of emotions and psychology. Cultivating magical first impressions is key to having a relationship that can blossom into marriage.

You will describe the perfect first impression that you want to experience when you meet your husband and challenge yourself to only meet men inside places that offer magical first impressions.

Session 5: Visualization Of Caring & Love

In this session you will be doing a visualization.  I will ask you to visualize the moments of caring, love and adventure with your future husband and then take that image and place it inside an object in your immediate environment.

Why?  So that each time you pass by it – you are reminded about the value of a stable and loving marriage. You are opening up your consciousness to a bigger and greater experience of togetherness, unity and love.  This visualization awakens the motivation to pursue only those relationships that bring you authentic experience of love and caring.

Session 6: Value Proposition

In this session you will get a COMPLETE STRATEGY for connecting successfully with anyone you meet – you will learn how to think about dating so that you succeed every time and how to connect to every man you meet easily and without rejections.  This strategy is based on a concept of “Value Proposition”.

This is the most important session of the course. You will create a value proposition that is based on TANGIBLE and INTANGIBLE value based on his fears, frustrations, desires & fantasies. You will use that information inside conversations and during dating to establish immediate connection, show your value to his life and make him FALL IN LOVE with you quickly.

Session 7: Where To Meet Him

In this session you will get a list of the best 21 places for meeting your future husband/lover and you will choose to attend the ones that happen near you.  Most gay men are reactive and impulsive about choosing places to meet men.

Instead, you want to be proactive and plan out your social events for biggest impact.  Instead of using hookup websites or online dating websites you want to meet men in REAL places where you can talk to them directly and see them.

Session 8: Your Relationship Narrative

In this session you will create your RELATIONSHIP NARRATIVE so that you can remove all distractions, all temptations and detours from your current social activities and focus on the creation of the relationship of your dreams.

We are using a technique of storytelling so that your mind is filled with images of you being together and so that any resistance is cleared up and melted down.  Some people find out that when they are asked to talk about their future marriage – they feel uncomfortable and strange.  This is why we want to bring those emotions to the surface so that you feel fully congruent with your desire to settle down and get married.

Session 9: 3-Month Plan

In this session you will put together a 3-Month Plan for your social transformation including 6 places that you will go to to meet men and practice the strategies and ideas you have learned in this course.

Course #2

Your Perfect Dating Sequence

Discover the secret habits and mindsets behind a dating strategy that produces instant connections and trusting relationships.

Course Description:

3 Video Sessions + Workbooks + Exercises

Your first dates are the BIRTH or DEATH of a possible love affair, long-term relationship or marriage. Those men who come prepared and have a strategy have a 90% higher chance of success than those who rely on serendipity and luck.

Despite what we hear in movies and from love stories - successful dating starts with the understanding of human psychology and how emotional connections work. This is how you go from dating nightmares into dating victories.

And with this course you get step-by-step frameworks and best-practices that turn your dating into relationships. This course also gives you advanced strategies for how to build instant connections that become the foundations for AUTHENTIC relationships and marriage. With this course you can replace mistakes with victories and create the relationship/marriage you always wanted.

Why Important: 

Many gay men are reactive and impulsive about dating and meeting men. Instead of connecting easily and deeply during dating, they make mistakes and end up wasting years of life in reactive dating. This course will help you become proactive and take control of your relationship activities.

Description Of Each Training Session:

Session 1: Six Laws Of Dating Success

In this session you will learn about the Six Laws of dating success that make your dating enjoyable and productive. When you follow the laws of dating success you will discover that meeting men is exciting, it feels good and you succeed faster than before because you NO LONGER make the mistakes that prevented you from getting 2nd and 3rd dates.

Session 2: First Date Strategies

In this session you will learn about the NINE psychological strategies to help you connect deeply during FIRST DATES so that you don’t make the mistake of hoping to connect and instead you MAKE THE CONNECTION happen EVERY SINGLE TIME.

The strategies you will learn in this session are ADVANCED tools for instant success during your first dates.  You will quickly see why your dating didn’t work before and how to fix it.


Session 3: Your Perfect Dating Sequence

In this session you will be putting together your PERFECT DATING SEQUENCE that ensures a beautiful and stable connection that leads to a BOYFRIEND type of a relationship within SIX DATES.

These are advanced strategies that Paul has tested in his own relationship and with 100’s of his clients across many years. They are proven to help you eliminate virtually all mistakes during dating and help you go from a 1-Date to a RELATIONSHIP STATUS within 30 days.

Course #3

Gay Compatibility Formula

Get the formula for a long lasting marriage, committed relationship and monogamy.  Avoid decades of frustrations and breakups.

Course Description:

26 Video Sessions + 4 Workbooks + 1 Excel Spreadsheet

Most breakups happen because gay men meet incompatible men or choose partners who are NOT READY for relationships.  But today, you can discover a smarter way of choosing your lovers so that your relationships last forever.

Gay Compatibility Formula is an advanced training that teaches you how to look for men who are compatible with your psychology and life’s journey so that you ensure long term commitment and marriage.

Understanding gay compatibility is the fastest way to make a marriage work and to avoid frustrations in gay relationships.  Without compatibility most relationships struggle to take off and result in breakups. Discovering the traits of your compatible partner is the first step in creating long-term relationships that turn into marriage.

Why Important: 

Without understanding compatibility you may be spending most of your time with men who will end up leaving you, or whose company you will begin to hate and eventually you leave them.  Studying compatibility is the most effective way to avoid frustrations inside gay relationships.


Description Of Each Training Session:

Session 1: Psychology Of Compatibility

In this session you will get clearer about the psychological aspects of how compatibility works, including the following ideas:  2 Types Of Pain, Theory Of Attachment, Sexual Completion, 3 Basic Ingredients Of Compatibility, Development Of Masculinity, Deeper Aspects Of Coming Out and Childhood Wounds. You will see that to create chemistry inside a relationship, you will need to understand the basic psychology behind why and how gay men choose their partners and their internal motivations.

Session 2: Architecture Of Compatibility

In this section you will learn about the Compatibility Formula inside a PowerPoint presentation with diagrams, explanations and instructions for how to apply the formula to your relationships and avoid years of relationship frustrations.

Session 3: Long Term Relationships & Marriage

In this section you will discover how physical, emotional, and logical compatibility works.   You will also learn about The Standard – a level of quality for all relationships that HAS TO BE MET, without which compatibility no longer works.  You will see how to reach The Standard so that your relationships stay on course.