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David's Story

Taste The most meaningful  dating experience you will ever have

Upgrade your dating experience with Art, Music & History!

Say goodbye to boring dates and shallow conversations.  Big Gay Family's Social Curriculum includes a selection of movies that you watch and discuss together during dating so that you feel a deeper connection that includes intimacy, emotions and intellectual conversations. 

Art - Picasso
Art - Vincent Van Gogh
History - Eternal Egypt
History - Ancient Greece
Nonduality - The Spiral
Music - Stayin' Alive
Music - Bohemian Rhapsody


What is Big Gay Family Social Program?

Big Gay Family started in 2010 in Miami as a matchmaking service and since then evolved into a Social Program that gives you everything you need to meet men, create strong connections with them, and develop long-term relationships.

You get monthly introductions, step-by-step guidance for how to connect to our members, and protection from toxic situations that create hurt and disappointment.

By joining Big Gay Family you are accomplishing a social transformation in 1 year that would take 20 years to happen without the Program.  Instead of meeting strangers and having random interactions, you get a step-by-step process that creates movement of intimacy so that you feel connected within just a few weeks.

Different than Grindr? How?

When you become a member of Big Gay Family,  you will not face rejection, judgment, or disrespect. The dating process within Big Gay Family has been designed to provide a pleasant and respectful experience for all members who are seeking to connect with others.

Big Gay Family offers a structured dating process that ensures protection from toxic situations and mistakes. It allows you to be vulnerable and open with other men, creating a safe and secure space where genuine connections can be forged.

Rather than a random approach to dating, Big Gay Family provides guidance on how to date and interact with other men. This guidance has been carefully designed so that 90% of your introductions continue for a period beyond 90 days, allowing you ample time to form lasting friendships and relationships.

Why are relationships difficult today?

In the past decade, the world of dating has changed drastically for gay men. They experience hundreds of negative social cues every month, including rejection, disrespect, and objectification.

This traumatic experience results in a cycle of trauma, making connections difficult. Even if you like someone a lot, one negative experience can end the relationship and you are back to where you started.

Big Gay Family

Adventure BASED
GAY Social Program

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