Big Gay Family

Commitment Based
Gay Social Program

Meet men in a private program that offers monthly introductions and a Powerful dating strategy 

Benefits Of Membership:

Big Gay Family is the only gay community in the world where members review each other every 30 days and all dating happens in three stages so that mistakes are avoided and everyone is is protected from ghosting and rejections.  

What is Included:

monthly Introductions To High-Quality Men
Spiritual Framework For Relationships
World-Class Dating Strategy
Protection from Mistakes & Self-Sabotage
3rd Dates with everyone you meet 
10 Hours of intimate talk time per Month
Protection from ghosting & rejections

We have 5 spots every month. Join us today!

Protection From Mistakes:

100's of situations that typically create breakups are no longer happening inside BGF.  With over 50 advanced tools for intimacy and relationship development, you are protected from self-sabotage and mistakes. This is how most of our members continue beyond 6 months and are surrounded by loving memories and new relationships.

When you join Big Gay Family, you get access to powerful tools for intimacy and relationship development that took over 10 years to create. 

It is difficult to fail when you can turn situations that typically create breakups into opportunities for closeness and greater intimacy.

With Big Gay Family, you get over 50 advanced exercises, homeworks and recommendations that promote closeness, authenticity, emotional sharing and sexual neutrality. 

It will be difficult for you to fail when every challenging situation is turned into an opportunity to love, to share and to connect.

We have 5 spots every month. Join us today!

Benefits Of Membership:

Monthly Introductions

Convenient Access to men

Get access to high-quality gay men from the convenience of your home.  You don't need to spend 100's of hours browsing and chatting only to be ghosted and rejected.

World-Class Dating Strategy


Get a step-by-step dating strategy that creates intimacy and connection.  Avoid 100's of mistakes that create stress, anxieties and disappointments.

Monthly Dating Reviews

feedback forms

Build more trust and intimacy with monthly dating feedback.  Share openly with other gay men about what you need to feel loved and connected.  

Leader & Participant Roles

dating strategy

Avoid breakups and disappointments from lack of clarity about who is responsible for taking action and reaching out.

Protection From Rejection

Dating strategy

Our dating strategy guides you every step of the way. Avoid 100's of mistakes that disrupt dating. Get protection from self-sabotage, insecurities and rejection. 

Monogamous Relationships

Dating strategy

Most gay men prefer monogamous relationships. Inside Big Gay Family we promote monogamy as a stepping stone to successful long-term relationships. 

Emotional Boosters

Dating strategy

Get access to powerful mindfulness exercises that promote emotional connections and build a strong relationship.

Communication Boosters

Dating strategy

Get access to world-class communication exercises that dissolve barriers to intimacy and emotional connections.

Intimacy Codes

Dating strategy

Get guidance for how to set up your Intimacy Codes during dating so that you are able to enter into the intimate space faster and feel connected deeper than ever before.

Red Zone Agreement

Dating strategy

Easily set up an Agreement to avoid the Red Zone.  The Red Zone includes behaviors that create hurt and conflicts and should be avoided.  Once agreed, 99% of dating frustrations go away.

Additional Benefits

Rebuild your social life

20 Years Of Socializing In 1 Year

rebuild your social life

Quickly rebuild your social life by meeting up to 24 new men during your annual membership.  Create relationships without delays, waiting and disappointments.  

Protection From Toxic Men & Situations

Safety & Security

Stay protected from men who are not ready for relationships and who will expose you to hurt and rejections.  Stay protected from toxic situations that create breakups and abandonment.  Meet men who are ready for long-term relationships.

Communal Living

Living arrangements

Meet gay men for living companions and communal living arrangement.  Begin the biggest adventure of your life by choosing your living companions, picking a place, moving in together and sharing your lives.  

Your Spiritual Family

Spiritual connections

Get arranged into a family of 6 gay men.  This arrangement is a spiritual family of 6 men to experience group-level connections and meet for special occasions several times a year in a remote location - cabin or a retreat house.

We have 5 spots every month. Join us today!

Why It Matters:

Your life matters

You Get Convenient Access To Educated Gay Professionals

Meet high-quality gay professionals who are available now for dating.

You Get Protection From Ghosting, Rejections And Judgments

Avoid years of dating struggles, ghosting and disappointments.

You Experience Stress-Free, Consistent Dating 

Get protection from toxic men and toxic dating situations.

You Participate In A Socially Responsible Community

Meet gay men in a community that promotes unity, honesty and caring.

You Get Conversation Topics Suggested For Every Date

Get best practices for every date so that you feel connected.

You Get Protection From Insecurities, Mistakes & Self-Sabotage

Get protected from situations that sabotage your connection.

After you try Big Gay Family, you will never go back to the old way of meeting men.

Dating inside Big Gay Family is guided by a powerful dating strategy.  Instead of being reactive and stressed out, members follow a prescription for dating so that every step of the connection process is clear and consistent.   

First, both men are given a role: Leader & Participant.  Each role has specific responsibilities so that it is always clear about who contacts whom and what happens every time both men meet.  

Dating happens across three stages: Connection, Familiarity and Commitment.  Instead of categorizing and labeling each other, both men focus on the experience of talking, sharing and connecting.

Each stage brings both men closer and closer until it becomes self-evident they are friends, boyfriends or lovers.  

Our Dating Strategy:

Avoid 100's of dating mistakes!

(C): Connection

Build a powerful connection in the first 30 days of meeting each other.

(F): Familiarity

Get to know each other on a deeper and personal level.

(C): Commitment

Set up agreements so that all intentions are clear.

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Big Gay Family

Commitment Based
Gay Social Program

Get Monthly Introductions
Meet High-Quality Men
Avoid Years Of Disappointments