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When you meet men inside Big Gay Family you get 100% 3rd Dates without ghosting & delays!

Our Commitment-Based Dating Methodology Ensures Consistency Of Dating And Prevents Judgments & Rejections!

Since 2010, Big Gay Family Served 1,000's Of Gay Men Looking For Long-Term Relationships.

Big Gay Family started in Miami in 2010 as a matchmaking service and since then evolved into a gay social program that includes commitment-based dating methodology, courses and coaching.  The article below was published in February 2011. 

Why Community Matters

Meet educated gay professionals inside Big Gay Family Social Program!

Coaching & Transformation

Meet educated gay professionals inside Big Gay Family Social Program!

Coaching & Matchmaking

Meet educated gay professionals inside Big Gay Family Social Program!

Community-Based Approach To Dating And Relationships

Inside Big Gay Family you are meeting gay men in a healthy and loving way instead of random and hookup-based approach that exposes you to stress and anxieties.


Safe and friendly
Respectful and honest
Commitment based
Win-win every time
Emotionally rewarding
Psychologically healthy


Involves strangers
Disrespectful and risky
Replaceable with someone "hotter"
Time consuming and addictive
Emotionally empty
You are treated like an object

Inside Big Gay Family

100% 3rd dates
Weekly conversations
Educated men
Emotionally open men
Commitment & monogamy
Dating methodology

Public Dating

Substance Abuse
Massive waste of time
Poor communication

You can spend 10 years of your life experimenting with your relationships,
and still end up nowhere... or let Big Gay Family save you that time and hassle!

Big Gay Family Social Program gives you everything you need to meet your future lover and make new friends.  You get access to relationship-ready men, a commitment-based dating system, and world-class video training.  This is how we believe this program will work for you.  Just signup now and let the program give you everything you need to instantly get connected and never be alone again.  Sign up today and you'll get ALL of Paul's best start-from-scratch, step-by-step relationship strategies so that you meet your future husband, make lots of new friends and start enjoying being gay again!

Start now and see for yourself!
You will never go back to the old way of meeting men.

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