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6 Months - From Meeting To Moving In Together

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You can do all of this on your own or you can meet men through Big Gay Family and save lots of time time, hassles and frustrations.

You can click the link below to schedule a free consultation and talk to Paul about your questions and to find out how to join the program.

How dating works inside big gay family

Buddhist Philosophy

Inside Big Gay Family, you learn how to meditate and how to still the mind so that you can be relaxed as you are meeting and connecting with our members.

The 3 Key Buddhist principles:

Acceptance of others.   When you accept other gay men as they are and remove judgments, you are able to see gay men for who they really are on the inside and connect with them easily.  Often you will be able to see that they are hurt and that they are afraid of lots of things.  Seeing their fear and struggles allows you to come to terms with your fear and struggle.
Surrender quiets down the Ego so that you can witness your emotions and develop a deeper sense of personal intimacy with yourself and others.  In moments when you want it "your way", you take a step back and you surrender.  You do a short meditation and you allow your emotions to calm down.  Surrender is a mental exercise just as it is a spiritual exercise.
Compassion promotes healing and restoration.  By listening compassionately, you offer understanding and acceptance, instead of judgment and scorn.

Buddhism inside Big Gay Family

When sharing photos we ask that members wait at least 30 days to share photos from the moment of first contact.  Surrendering sexual habits and letting go of sexual conditioning is important to the exploration of love and intimacy.
In moments when you want it "your way", you take a step back and you surrender.  You do a short meditation and you allow your emotions to calm down.  Surrender allows you to see the patterns of control that fuel emotions of anxiety and stress.
Every coaching session starts with a 20-minute meditation where you learn how to still the mind,  how to connect with your feelings and how to calm down negative voices and worries. This practice often leads to a major transformation of attitude towards relationships and life.

From Paul Angelo:

Thank you for visiting Big Gay Family.  

Your involvement in the Program matters.  With each Introduction, you are co-creating a new Social Experience where gay men come together in a creative and futuristic way.

With Principles & Structure, we bring order to dating and relationships so that everyone succeeds. 

See you in the Program!
Paul Angelo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Big Gay Family Social Program?

Big Gay Family started in 2010 in Miami as a matchmaking service and since then evolved into a Social Program that gives you everything you need to meet men, create strong connections with them, and develop long-term relationships.

You get convenient access to men via monthly introductions.  You get the methods for how to connect with them via video courses.  You are also protected from situations that may result in hurt and trauma.   

By joining Big Gay Family you are accomplishing a social transformation in 1 year that would take 20 years to happen without the Program.

What is different about Big Gay Family?

Inside Big Gay Family,  gay men interact through a commitment-based dating system which includes three stages:  the Bridge, Extensions and Social Contracts.  

Instead of a random approach,  you go through three Stages.  Each stage is designed to guide your relationship from start to finish - from first contact to a committed relationship.  

How do gay men meet inside Big Gay Family?

Inside Big Gay Family, we go beyond matchmaking - we give you the dating process to create a very powerful connection.

Once you receive your introduction, you are guided by our dating system about what to talk about and how to connect faster.  

Who are Big Gay Family members?

Big Gay Family attracts gay men who value communication and openness.  Below is the list of professions inside Big Gay Family.

Our members are are:  Teachers, Nurses, Physicians, Realtors, Lawyers, Programmers, Managers, Business Owners, Coaches, Spiritual healers,  Reiki healers, Day-traders, Musicians, Engineers, Artists.

The best quality men for relationships are those who are not held back by intimacy issues.  Our members enjoy long conversations, lots of sharing and meeting new members every month. 

Why are relationships difficult today?

The world has changed radically over the past 10 years. Hookup apps have replaced long-held social norms and are accelerating the Trauma-Cycle

Today, gay men experience 100's of negative social cues every month including shaming, rejection, objectification, devaluation, disrespect, and ambivalence.  

Every hurt is acted out unconsciously as a method for self-awareness and as a process of healing. This is how everyone ends up hurting everyone else even though the initial intention is to love and to date.  

This Trauma Cycle is why relationships today are so difficult. No matter who you meet and how much you initially like each other, it's just a matter of one situation that creates a walk-away or loss of interest. 

Big Gay Family

GAY Social Program