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Big Gay Family


Avoid Rejections, Judgments & Emotional Trauma


The last 10 years of the hookup culture set into motion toxic patterns that condition gay men to hurt each other.

This is called the Trauma Cycle

See the list of situations on the right to check if you were exposed to trauma.

Once abused, gay men act out the abuse on others, hurting them in the process and perpetuating the Trauma Cycle.

This is why the social space in the gay world is getting more toxic every day. 

Today, more than ever, you must protect yourself from emotional trauma so that when you meet the right person, you are ready to settle down. 

See you in the Program,

Get Protection from Emotional Trauma.

When you join Big Gay Family you are protected from:

Narcissism & Rejections.
Ambivalence about feelings.
Unfinished conversations.
Rejections & judgments.
Ghosting and no-shows.
Delays to meet & talk.
Absence of logic & reason.
Difficult personalities.
Closeted men.
Drug addictions.

Big Gay Family

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