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Big Gay Family

COmmitment based
gay Social Program

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Fastest & Easiest Way To Create Relationships
With Commitment Based Dating

Say no to the abuse on hookup apps.  Create the best relationships of your life inside a private gay social program.  Meet & connect with gay men without delays, rejections and disrespect.

12 Month VIP Package

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2022 Edition
Big Gay Family:
48 VIP Introductions
($9600 value - 48*$200)
24 Group Coaching Calls
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12 Individual VIP Coaching Calls
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Commitment Based Dating Process For 2 Years ($997 value)
Social Dashboard For Communication & Coaching For 2 Years ($1,997 value)
3 Bonus Gay Relationship
& Dating Courses:
Your Perfect Husband ($500 value)
Your Dating Sequence ($500 value)
Relationship Mindsets ($500 value)
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Limited spots available - to give adequate time to new members including 1-hr orientation session by Paul Angelo with every new member we can only enroll a max of 10 new members every month.

Limited time offer

2nd Year Is Free!

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You get everything you need to bring love and happiness to your life in 2022 including world-class coaching and methodology you will not find anywhere else!

You get monthly coaching & introductions for 2 yearsIncluded are 3 video based dating courses & access to all features of Big Gay Family.  Full value is $18,894. Please choose your payment option below before the package is sold-out:

14 Day Money Back Guarantee!  

You will have 14 days to test-drive our methods and approaches and if you are not happy for any reason, let us know and you will get a full refund, no questions asked.

Only 10 Spots Available Each Month!  

Limited spots available - to give adequate time to new members including 1-hr orientation session by Paul Angelo with every new member we can only enroll a max of 10 new members every month. 

12 Reasons For Joining Today!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet gay men and connect with them.  You get everything you need to create the best relationships of your life.

1. Meet educated gay professionals who are ready to connect with you and talk with you.

2. Connect to gay men using a proven methodology that eliminates all mistakes.

3. Get rid of Grindr, Scruff, Adam4Adam and all other apps and never go back.

4. Avoid emotional trauma when you meet toxic men who cheat, lie and disrespect you.

5. Connect to gay men spiritually and emotionally and bring positive feelings to your life again.

6. Create a powerful new beginning for each person you meet and make plans for long-term relationships and marriage.

7.  Get video training that teaches you everything you need to know about gay dating and relationships.

8. Watch your friends waste 100's of hours on Grindr while you are making life-long friendships and relationships in a few months.

9.  Bring focus and productivity back to your life by removing time waste from hookup apps and meeting men you never see again.

10. Become ready for marriage and create relationships that last a lifetime.

11.  Get protection from narcissists, game players, closeted men, criminals, and all the toxic men who expose you to risk and hurt.

12.  Become the man you always wanted to become but were held back by relationship challenges.  Complete your projects.  Reach your goals and remove decades of distractions and years of anxieties and depression.

I joined Big Gay Family 3 years ago at the age of 60 without any prior relationship experience and with only straight friends.

Every week I talk to at least 5 gay men about topics that are important and meaningful. I no longer use Grindr, I have not been on any hookup apps since I joined, and my approach to dating changed since I joined Big Gay Family.  

Since I joined BGF, I feel loved and appreciated, my confidence has grown tremendously and all negativity about gay relationships is gone.  Relationship with my elderly mother improved, I am emotionally connected with my friends like never before and I now have 12 new amazing friends I met through the program. 

I can say with confidence that the structure of the program has made a huge impact on my understanding of how relationships are supposed to happen which is contrary to what gay men are taught. For the first time in my life I am interested in love and my sex life is no longer standing in the way of establishing new relationships.  

Big Gay Family has been the most important factor in my life's transformation and at my age of 63, I feel like there is nothing standing in the way of marriage and a long-term relationship and if you asked me that 3 yeas ago, I would never be able to imagine the progress I have made so far especially after coming out late in life and never before having any gay friendships let alone relationships.  

I strongly recommend Big Gay Family to anyone who is going through hopeless nights and anxieties about love and relationships. 

Big Gay Family will to show you hope and possibility for authentic relationships that will forever change the way you see yourself as a gay man.  

I no longer meet gay men outside the program.  There is nothing out there like Big Gay Family and my statements are confirmed by other members of the program who are grateful by the innovative design that Paul brought to the table.  

For instance, as you receive new introductions you go through a series of conversations that include documentaries about art, spirituality and other topics that bring richness and meaning to your interactions.  

At the end of each period you fill out a feedback form and offer suggestions for how to make the next conversations even better.  By the time you get to the 3rd month of interactions you cannot help but feel deeply connected to everyone you come across in the program.  

No words can accurately describe the process - you will need to experience it for yourself.   Don't miss out on relationships that can enrich your life.  Join us here at Big Gay Family.


Michael 63, FL:

Big Gay Family

Commitment based
gay Social Program

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