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Meet men inside a private program that offers 12 months of guided interactions so that you create the best relationships of your life.

Get monthly Introductions
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Big Gay Family Social Program

You don't have be alone and feel anxious about dating.  Create the best relationships of your life inside a private gay social program.  Meet & connect with high-quality gay men without ghosting, delays and rejections.

Resources Inside Big Gay Family

Get cut-and-paste social frameworks to help you quickly and easily connect with men for long-term relationships.  

Family Journal
First 3 Calls
Guide To Introductions

Big Gay Family


Create The best relationships of your life Inside a private gay social program

Welcome to the Big Gay Family Social Program.  Since 2010, we have coached and matched 1,000's of gay men.  With Big Gay Family you get everything in one place: 

You get convenient access to gay men.
You get the methods to connect with them.
You get protection from the hookup culture.
You get guidance & support.

You get everything you need to meet gay men and create meaningful relationships with themPlease click below to begin your new relationship.

Meet Our Members

Big Gay Family attracts gay men who value intelligence, communication, and openness.  Below is the list of professions inside Big Gay Family.

Business Owners
Spiritual healers
Reiki healers


Get courses & coaching to guide you every step of the way.


Get access to high-quality men for dating and relationships.



Get world-class tools for personal development and dating.



Get advanced methodology for building gay relationships.



Learn how to apply compatibility for lifelong relationships.



Meet educated gay men who are excited to meet you.



No one set me aside while growing up and gave me any advice or coaching on how to approach gay relationships. The culture of that time viewed gay relationships as purely sexual temporary encounters, or second-class relationships.

Paul’s courses and coaching helped me fully understand my past relationship struggles. He also gave me tools to make relationship choices today that are right for me, and he gave me a sense of confidence about my ability to develop a healthy gay relationship in the future.  

You owe this kind of coaching to yourself and I urge you to have the courage to give it your full effort.



It’s really important that you get outside of your comfort zone and meet other people. It’s important to be yourself and not to put up a front. 

You don’t need to tell everything about your life, but at least be willing to open up to people and share something about yourself. I highly recommend you come join us.


Big Gay Family is amazing!

Jeff, New York

You will never go back to the old way of meeting men!

Bruce, San Francisco

I love the structure in the Program!

Jim, Chicago

I met 6 new men in 3 months and they are all great!

Tom, San Francisco

Extensions helped us connect faster!

Zack, Denver

After 6 months I have 10 new friends already!

George, Houston

Thank you for an amazing experience!

Brian, New York

Paul Angelo MBA, MHA

About Paul Angelo MHA, MBA

Paul is the founder of the Big Gay Family Social Program, which offers 12 months of structured interactions inside a private gay community. 

To help members connect, Big Gay Family offers a three-stage process:  Bridge,  Extensions & Social Contracts. 

Each stage builds on the previous one, helping men connect to each other without mistakes, judgments & self-sabotage.

Paul came out at the age of 19 and has over 25 years of experience being gay and 21 years of experience in romantic long-term relationships.  

Paul is the creator of professional video-based coaching programs that teach gay men about the psychology of dating, sexuality, and long-term relationships:

His coaching programs are:

Your Perfect Husband 
Your Perfect Dating Sequence
Gay Compatibility Formula
Sex On Rocks 
Gay Relationship Mindsets

Since 2010, Paul spent 1000's hours helping gay men find courage and strength as they search for love and meaning in their lives.

The best relationships of your life are waiting for you inside The Big Gay Family Social Program.

See you inside!

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