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Meet men inside a private program that offers 12 months of structured interactions so that you create the best relationships of your life.

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Big Gay Family Social Program

Big Gay Family


Create The best relationships of your life

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Welcome to the Big Gay Family Social Program.  Since 2010, we have coached and matched 1,000's of gay men.  With Big Gay Family you get everything in one place: 

You get access to gay men.
You get the methods to connect with them.
You get protection from the hookup culture.
You get guidance & support.

You get everything you need to meet gay men and create meaningful relationships with themPlease click below to begin your new relationship.

Big Gay Family


Create The best relationships of your life Inside a private gay social program


Thanks to Big Gay Family introductions, I became more comfortable opening up and talking to other men. Within three months of membership, I noticed a significant release of tension and stress related to meeting other gay men.  

I started talking to men that I was previously afraid to talk to, and surprise, surprise - I ended up falling in love with a man that literally changed my life.  

Big Gay Family is a lifesaver for every gay man who wants a genuine experience of friendships and relationships.


New York


For the first time in my life I see myself meeting and interacting with gay men in a normal way, without fear of rejection and without fear of judgment.  

I also for the first time in my life see romance as an important first step in meeting my future lover.  

All of this would not be possible if I didn't join Big Gay Family.  I recommend it to every gay man!


Fort Lauderdale


I joined the program doubting Paul’s vision and being pessimistic about the gay culture.

Three months into it and I am proven wrong. Paul created a unique program that cannot be described with headlines and promises - it has to be experienced.  

I hope every gay man can taste what Paul created because it can have a profound effect at how you feel about yourself and other gay men.  

This entire experience has been very eye-opening, and I am ready for more introductions and more of everything.

Current Member

San Francisco


It took me a few introductions to understand everything here, and it finally came to me. Relationships are impossible without structure and consistency.  

I used to think it was the men, but now I see it was the lack of structure that made my relationships go away.

We need structure for our interactions, and Paul has created that structure here inside the program.

Meeting men in the program has been amazing, and I can’t wait for more introductions.

Current Member



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