Spiritual Travel For Gay Men Over 40
Wake Up Your Heart And Soul.

Change Your Life During A 5-Day Adventure. Reclaim Your Body And Spirit, Create New Friendships, Walk Through Mountains, Lakes And Caves And Leave Your Past Behind In A Life-Changing Spiritual Workshop

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Big Gay Family gives you high quality interactions with high quality gay men. You cannot find our men anywhere else! --Paul Angelo, The Founder

Experience Gay Travel With Spiritual And Emotional Awakening

Experience alcohol-free, healthy and uplifting travel for
spiritual awakening and personal transformation.

  • Organic Food And Healthy Meals

    Avoid cheap, toxic foods that make you sick. Travel without stomach aches, digestive issues and pains.  Taste the freshest and healthiest meals prepared just for you.

  • Relationship Workshops Included

    Experience deep connections and new friendships by mixing travel with self-discovery inside world-class relationship workshops and team assignments.

  • BigGayFamily Membership Included

    Every trip is a beginning of new life-long friendships and relationships.  Instead of saying good-bye, you continue inside the Big Gay Family social program.

  • Meet Sophisticated Men

    Stop wasting time on sex-cruises or traveling with men who don’t appreciate history, culture and art.  Meet men who are looking for deep connections.

  • Wake Up Spiritually & Emotionally

    Leave the parties, drinking and sexting behind. Reconnect to harmony, beauty and love. Wake up spiritually and emotionally and feel alive again.

  • Meet 100% Out Gay Men

    Leave shame and consumerism behind. Explore deep conversations with men who are fully out and who are open to intelligent discussions without fear of intimacy and sharing.

Experience gay friendships and relationships without fear, self-doubt, dishonesty and frustrations.

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See How Big Gay Family Works

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Experience A Family-Style Program For
Emotional, Mental And Spiritual Sharing

In my life, the best friendships and relationships came out of experiences of learning and growth.  Those friends and romantic partners who are still in my life came from the space of a spiritual, mental and emotional transformation.  With Big Gay Family, I would like to offer the same to you, so that you create friendships and relationships that last a life-time and transcend the burdens of today's chaotic world.

Don't Struggle Alone

Don’t turn your struggles into suffering. When you struggle alone, life feels like suffering. When you join others, and open up about your challenges, your struggles become the opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual transformation.

Reconnect With Your Strengths

You are more powerful than you think, but your power is lost when you are alone, disconnected and in toxic relationships. Big Gay Family gives you a family-like, friendly and loving space so that you can replenish your mental, emotional and spiritual energies.

Gay Matchmaking Since 2010. Over 8,000 Hours Of Experience.

Paul's methodology made a big difference.
- John 

I recommend Paul's services to everyone.
- Omar

Paul will help you save lots of time.
- Frank

Education is critical for gay relationships.
- Duane

Relationships are about body/mind/emotions.
- Eric

Discover The Secret Recipe That Makes Big Gay Family The Ultimate Gay Matchmaking Program For Life-long Friendships And Relationships...

See How Big Gay Family Works
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See How Big Gay Family Works

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