You're Here For A Reason

Perhaps you’ve heard that voice inside that keeps whispering,

“Why are gay relationships so difficult?…There must be a better way…”

Or maybe you’re feeling that mix of anticipation and fear because you know you deserve more out of life but you feel held back by the frustrations about dating and relationships that don’t seem to go away…

That inner voice is correct. Your feelings are on point.

You’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible, and you know it. But my guess is since you’re reading this, you’re ready to change all that.

Regardless of your current position in life and your past experiences, you have to agree on one certain thing:

Strong and honest relationships can profoundly
improve the quality of your life.

I know this firsthand. After nearly 15 years of personal struggles, I discovered that when the quality of my friendships and relationships improved, I also improved: reinvented myself, took on more risk and volunteered to grow and to prosper.

I can honestly say that stability in friendships and relationships is the foundation for happiness, success and health.  Which is why I’d love you to join us at Big Gay Family.

We’ll help you meet the right men for friendships, mentorships and relationships and save you decades of frustrations, rejections and disappointments.

I am looking forward to be your guide on this journey of personal transformation.
See you inside the member’s area,

Paul Angelo

Create Life-long Friendships And Relationships Without Delays, Worries, Frustrations And Disappointments.

Meet your new best friend, lover, mentor.  Get unlimited introductions, world-class coaching and guidance to overcome all your current challenges in dating, relationships and life.  Please watch the video below before enrollment.

Total 100% Elimination Of Negativity, Judgments, Rejections, Insecurities And Frustrations From Toxic Men, Liars, Cheaters And Game Players

After 7 years of research and 1,000’s of hours of testing, Big Gay Family offers the highest quality path to personal transformation.  Big Gay Family is a private community that eliminates ALL negative aspects related to gay dating and gay relationships.

Unlimited Introductions

Meet as many men as your schedule permits. No restrictions, no quotas. Endless opportunities for new friendships, best friends and love affairs.

No Liars Or Game Players

Experience the freedom from game players, liars and cheaters who crawl most dating websites and pose as legitimate relationship material while looking for sex.

No Rejections & Frustrations

Enjoy a family-like dating process that removes anxieties, frustrations and rejections. Experience emotional connections that flow naturally week after week.

No Delays Or Interruptions

Enjoy a consistent and frequent interactions that lead to life-long friendships and relationships.  Relax in the presence of emotional consistency and stability.

No Abandonment Or Neglect

Enjoy a proven process of meeting new men that takes away all risks of abandonment, neglect and psychological wounding that happens on free dating sites.

No Conformism To Sex Or Beauty

Feel free to be yourself without trying to fit into the stereotypes about sex and beauty. Eliminate the stress from having to become someone else to be liked or loved.

No Grindr, Craigslist or Texting

Meet gay men who are not scared of phone conversations.  Experience human interactions the old-fashioned way without Grindr, Craigslist or texting.

No Toxic Friendships

Meet men who are guided by integrity to honesty and authenticity.  Move beyond toxic friendships and experience genuine connections based on truth.

No Sex Warriors

Meet gay men who are open to genuine sharing and interactions without hidden sexual agendas, fantasies and games that invite dishonesty and psychological wounding.

Free Coaching And Mentorships

Save $1,000’s On Coaching And Mentorship. Transform Your Career And Health!

Get World-Class Coaching. Transform Your Career, Health And Life. Get Powerful Tools. Step Outside Of Self Imposed Limitations And Fears

The world is changing faster than ever.  To succeed in career, health and love – you will need guidance, motivation and tools.  Every member of Big Gay Family gets world-class coaching that is proven to elicit breakthroughs and personal transformation.

Avoid Getting Stuck

Get 2 hours of professional coaching in the areas of career, health, spirituality and personal relationships.  Get world-class training and coaching every month to bring back strength, empowerment and new skills to face current challenges of life.

Get Free Courses

Take advantage of the free courses included in your membership. Eliminate wasted time and personal struggles related to coming-out, sexuality, partner selection, body-image issues, social anxieties, fear of abandonment and many others.  Become the best you!

Don't Struggle Alone

Don’t turn your struggles into suffering. When you struggle alone, life feels like suffering. When you join others, and open up about your challenges, your struggles become the opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual transformation.

Reconnect With Your Strengths

You are more powerful than you think, but your power is lost when you are alone, disconnected and in toxic relationships.  Big Gay Family quickly connects you to others so that you can feel powerful again.

Reconnect To Your Life's Purpose

Get coaching to discover your purpose, vision and destiny.  Tripple your motivation, charisma and inner-strength as you shed the layers of social conditioning and reveal your true purpose in your career and life.

Join The Mentorship Program

Inside Big Gay Family, we offer free access to mentorship programs related to career, health, spirituality and relationships.  Pick your biggest obstacle and solve it with by participating in the mentorship program.

Full Support For Life's Major Challenges: Money Issues, Career Change, Weight Loss, Emotional Issues, Coming Out, Gay Sexuality, Meeting A Lover, Relationship Challenges, Gay Spirituality

Overcome all obstacles to love, success and abundance with coaching for every area of life: health, business, relationships and spirituality.

Relationship Coaching


Career & Business Coaching


Health Coaching


Spiritual Coaching

Benefit From World-Class Experience In Gay Psychology: 8,000+ Hours Of One-On-One Coaching And 7 Years Of Research In Gay Psychology, Philosophy And Sociology

Never settle for less.  Get world-class coaching and unlimited introductions included in membership.  Experience a restriction-free community where you can meet everyone and grow into your best self.  Re-invent your career, fall in love, re-connect with your spirit and experience a breakthrough in your life.